Belize Christmas 1977

Didnt know where to put this so thats why its here.

First transmitted in 1978, this film focuses on the day to day lives of the British troops guarding the Belize/Guatemala border and their celebrations on Christmas Day, 1977

BBC iPlayer - Inside Story: From Blighty to Belize
I can't seem to open that link but is this the one I vaguely remember which features the Royal Scots? If so, I beleve it caused quire a stink with their Col.Comdt. /Regtl.Col/whatever, because of the references to the various whore-houses and visits thereto by the guys. I believe their CO had a rather uncomfortable interview on his return to Blighty.
Strange that a senior officer could get so excited over something Monty was quite relaxed about 40 years before?
I think 1986 independance day I had a black whore rubbing her tits in my face, and wanking me off through my chinos. It was nice, and memorable
Christmas '86 was spent on the beach at Punta Gorda with a light skinned, grey eyed bint from Trinidad. She was a heart stopped in her white bikini and I couldn't get enough of her. Mmmmmemories!
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For Easter 1980 the Army lent us a land rover, trailer all the kit we needed, including a BFO tent and jerrycans of fuel, and we took off over the "Hummingbird highway" over to Pelican Beach. You should have seen the look on the locals faces when we put up the BFO tent. Instant house! Excellent times.
I remember purple heads and ringworm, and those tropical disease warning cards youre handed on leaving. Years later covered in red sores I handed the doc my Cutaneous Leishmaniasis card, he didnt like it, instead diagnosed chicken pox

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Effendi. I am obviously much dimmer than did you manage to circumvent the restrictions?
I'm in the USA too. I served in Belize Jan-Aug '78 (and again in '82) so it's of particular interest.
hi busterdog i was there same time as you,did you get to see the belize documentary.
Holy thread revival
A useful bump though, the programme is still on iPlayer, so enjoying watching it.

I had a mate in the Int Corps whose most bitter regret was learning Spanish/Local lingo as he went there several times, wouldn't talk about it apart from saying that it was a complete shithole.

Every letter from his wife would always contain the line 'Don't even think of going near the whores, I'll know and I'll leave you.

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