Belize Christmas 1977

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RNMAMULL, Aug 17, 2011.

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  1. Didnt know where to put this so thats why its here.

    First transmitted in 1978, this film focuses on the day to day lives of the British troops guarding the Belize/Guatemala border and their celebrations on Christmas Day, 1977

    BBC iPlayer - Inside Story: From Blighty to Belize
  2. Excellent find, I was 11 in 77, but visited numerous times in 80s. Well done that man, I will watch fully tomorrow morning.
  3. My brother was out there as a young officer straight from Sandhurst.
  4. Seeing as to how I am dim and I have just figured out how to bypass national restrictions and get BBC iplayer in septicland I shall watch this.

    Ta muchly.
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  5. If you could now explain how to get it showing on BBCi player for PS3 in the UK I will be well made up. Bag of shoite that latest all singing and dancing update was!
  6. If you are in the UK and using a PS3 watching it should be a doddle, you may want to backtrack to your last update, we never had problems with BBCIplayer ITVplayer 4OD etc on the PS3

    We now own a broken PS3
  7. F**king hell, that was a blast from the past - check out the konky 'fro on the dude at 7:50
  8. Effendi. I am obviously much dimmer than did you manage to circumvent the restrictions?
    I'm in the USA too. I served in Belize Jan-Aug '78 (and again in '82) so it's of particular interest.
  9. Google "download expat shield". Enjoy....

  10. Hang on.............

    Thats what I found, Expat shield.

    Here: Expat Shield

    Download it, takes a couple or three minutes and you are ready to go.

    What it does, and someone is bound to go into long winded descriptions after this post, but it effectively opens an anonymous browser for you on your computer so that the Beeb and other channels cannot detect that you are in the USA......<cough>nor can the porn providers I suppose<cough>.

    You have to launch it from its icon and your normal browser is replaced with the expat one so don't worry. The annoying thing is that it pays for itself by dropping the occasional advert onto the top of the screen which can quickly be clicked away.

    I eventually got peed off by the fact that they had destroyed the BBC America News so I went looking and found 3 or 4 providers of software to get around the problem and the expat shield one is the only free one.

    Like the man said, enjoy.

    Sorry mate, the resident PS3 & XBox xspurt is only 8 years old ..........and I would'nt know where to start.
  11. The narration is hilarious, the wording is almost rhythmically funny in a manner you don't get these days.
  12. 42 mins in. I actually did lol.

    'Is this the beer talking lads?'.

    'No...well it is a bit but it's me talking the rest because beer can't talk on it's own.'.
  13. Great post! Many thanks. As was said blast from the past. '73. '81'. '94.

    What a pity the blinkered cvnt Cameron is not forced to watch this and see the men whose shoes he is not fit to polish and the aircraft he so stupidly threw away! Ditto the awful, grossly over-promoted twerp Stirrup!
  14. Top Banana! Was there at the beginning of '81 and some slight improvements had been made by then. Pretty impressed by the 'Barber shop' type rendition of "Jump, you ****** Jump!" from the old Derek and Clive live days, (Cook & Moor) Fond memories of the early days out there. I can't remember the name of the island out there where I spent my birthday on R&R (St Johns... St Something?) Went out with the assault craft on many occasions where all the rubbish was just dumped near a smaller Island and there was all sorts of clag just floating about. The bog for dumps was just a shack at the end of a pier. Reckon that must all have been sorted and knocked on the swede by now?
    If you are a 'Royal' reading this and remember the 'Jack Sapper' who called off your dive from the twin engine green fast thing.... don't forget you had all the gear and I nearly capsized about 1,228.5 times whilst waiting for you all to surface for a fookin hour or so. Hurricane Piss Flap I think it was. I was not calm at the thought of dying on that particular day.
    Am I right in thinking that the 'Sweetwater Canal' was used when filming some film (name escapes) where a bunch of mercinaries were helping overthrow some African cackhole? Dogs of War? We inherited a couple of engines and boats from that masterpiece!
    Particular memories looking at the cars. A couple of blokes bought their cars for about 10 quid and sold them for more when leaving later. Not much up to the job as we could only get aroung 16-18 bods in at a time.
  15. m-b-h. St George's Cay was the place with the bog at the end of the jetty. It was the BGN adventure training site - run by the BGN infantry battalion.

    Another place popular for week-ends away was San Pedro on Ambergris Cay, once a series of shacks - now home to several up-market Dive Lodges/Hotels (you wouldn't recognise the place now). Cruise ships even call in to Belize City (can't think why).