Belguim bans burqa

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Steven, May 1, 2010.

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  1. Now we need to ban them here.
  2. Their not that bad and do make a few good beers. Banning them is a bit steep just impose a restriction on them .
  3. The banning of the burka is because the authorities want to see your face, they don't give a **** about 'symbol of oppression' bollocks.

    "Those Muslims who ignore the ban could face fines of £22 and a jail sentence of up to seven days unless they have written police permission to wear the garments."

    So they ban people for wearing what they want? Great. People are going to look back years from now, and laugh at us.
  4. Maybe, I am not sure. On the whole I am uncomfortable about banning things, OTOH, I intensely dislike the burkha. I see it as a symbol of oppression and can never trust somebody that hides their face.
  5. Wearing the burqa/niqab seems supererogatory, and therefore analagous to those who wear optional symbols of other religions. There is UK precedent for limiting such attire, and non-religious attire too.

    [Edited to correct spelling: see comments below].
  6. France might be next. Germany are already half-way there and Holland are considering the idea.

    For some reason I think that the UK wouldn't do this even if it becomes widespread elsewhere
  7. I only agree with a ban when it comes to driving - i honestly cant understand how they can drive safe wearing these!

    Other than that they can keep them on - most of them are prob munters anyway
  8. Don't know about banning to be honest. But I'd certainly support making it obligatory for your face to be visible in certain locations. Airports, banks, social security offices etc.
  9. Couldn't we just ban islam ?
  10. Hospitals, I refuse to be treated by someone whose face I can't see.
  11. That might be a problem in the operating theatre...

  12. You could make quite a list of places/activities for which it could be banned: driving, operating certain machines, any place where hoodies or other facial coverings are already banned, whenever photo id is required, participating in court proceedings, certain medical practices, speech therapists, care of children still learning to speak (say under 3s), counsellors (unless client consents), public officials with a face to face role, any interactive role with the deaf who may lipread, any place where alcohol is served, and any uniformed job where voluntary items of religious apparel (such as crucifixes) are forbidden.

    Unfortunately, those who wear the veil may be living quite restricted lives already, and so there may not be much effect.

    [Edited owing to grammatical errors].
  13. Interesting that people who go on ad naseum about 'Neu Liarbour', 'Gordon Bruin' etc etc and - rightly - complain about the nanny state, change their tune when it comes to Muslims. I don't want to live in a society where the state tells people what they can and can't wear in their private lives. And, yes, that goes for 'BLIAR' t-shirts as well.
  14. Best to have a quiet word with the anaesthetist then. :)