Belgium as a failed state

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by angular, Jul 17, 2008.

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    A sarcy opinion piece in the Torygraph indicates that Belgium is now a 'failed state', and their government has now resigned again. Of course, the only reason they had a government after the last set of arguments was so that someone could ratify the Lisbon Treaty; now that's done, they can go back to arguing with each other again.

    Seeing how we respond to most other failed states, can we expect the British Army to go in to prevent civil war? Or will we leave it to the French and Germans :roll:

    Maybe we could just sit back a giggle a bit while hoping the contagion doesn't spread.
  2. This is one area that I feel it would be right for us to interve. We should set up a fire base at.....Waterloo and advance on the European Parliamet under a barrage of artillery and thus liberate all of Europe (again) from a dictatorial regime.
  3. I'd leave it to the Germans ...... they've had several excursions into Belgium :D
    My guess is that they will enter via the ardennes ..... again.

  4. I wonder where we stand on a civil war in Belgium under the treaty of London(1839)?
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Belgians fight?
    Too busy getting pi22ed on strong beer, eating chips and fiddling with kids to have the time...
  6. Please not a fire base at Waterloo firing on the EU Parliament as any that drop short mat hit me on the way to or from the pub.
  7. That's the 'creeping barrage' idea out then.
  8. err, that will be Dutch then, the native language of the overwhelming majority of people passing through that area...
  9. Why not just let them break up?

    North goes to the Netherlands, south to France and Brussels can go to hell :)

    Or of course Brussel could become something along the lines of the Vatican but with EuroMPs instead of priests? An independant European capital not part of any single country and getting dosh from all 25 nations.

    Best not say that to loud or some noseinthetrough MP will find it a good idea.
  10. Brussels would then be a prime target for a the first terrorist attack in history to get a round of applause
  11. I thought we'd only created it to give everybody else an away venue
  12. The Netherlands will annex the rich Flanders and France can have the poor Wallonia. Yes from then on the best beers are Dutch ha!
  13. And rather then fiddling with children , they'd fiddle with their expenses.

    Genius :D
  14. Tried and failed. I formed part of an advance party that parked up at the naval base in Ostend.

    We snuck ashore under the cover of broad daylight - only to run, screaming back to the ship after catching sight of one of the tarts sitting in the window of a knocking shop just outside the main gate. I swear she had to be Photoshopped to look like that - even though neither Photoshop nor PCs had been invented at the time.
  15. In WWII the Free Belgians were as dogged and courageous in the defence of their country as the French, let us not forget that.