Belgian Troops Hand Out Bullets To Children!?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DeltaDog, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Linky...

    I'm all for KAPE, but this ever so slightly takes the p*ss...
  2. Since when does the Belgian Army use 7.62X39mm? that's what those rounds in the picture look like.


    Those arent 5.56 or 7.62 NATO.....

  3. Errrrm, that's a stock photo by Know-nothing the report fully, it DOES include The word "Blank". :roll:
  4. So it was Live Blanks, not expended then? Not too swift an idea giving that to Kids.

    When I was a Little shaver of about 9 the 2 houses next door were a Junkyard full of old Oldsmobiles, Chevy's, Indian motorcycles etc. While exploring we found these canisters with big bullets in them. Now I know they were Oerlikon Drums of 20mm.

    Anyhow like all red blooded kids we took some, at some point I realized one bullet tip was loose and "dust" was coming out. So I chucked it in grandpas Vise by the garage and started hitting the case with a Hammer to break in open(just like Bugs Bunny). My Neighbor ( A WWII USMC Vet) went white as a sheet when he saw what I was doing and the case split open.

    Long Story short, NYPD Bomb Squad with their Big "Wicker Basket" trucks came and went through the property removing all kinds of Ordnance this Junkyard guy took from the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 1945 from scrapped ships. Rounds were 20mm HEI-T

    Kids WILL find a way to cause havoc with blanks one way or the other
  5. Makes a change from sweeties and puppies I suppose.
  6. They look like 7.62 Short. Defo not Belgian though, both the current issue Belgian weapons the FN FNC & FN F2000 use 5.56 NATO.
  7. Well they wouldn't want to give away their prize chocolate would they?!?!?!
  8. Here sonny, want a blank round? Ooops I dropped it. There, that didn't hurt did it?
  9. Looks like Sky News added a bit of extra spin.

    I believe the original report was this:

    So, perhaps not so much "rounds handed out to children" as "chavlets run amok, picking up the brass while Belgian troops try to get on with mock attack." and "Belgian Army look for new supplier of blank ammunition following excessive stoppages during training exercise."

  10. Would make a lot more sense. I really can't see any professional army deciding to hand out rounds - blank or otherwise - to kids.
  11. If the stories I heard from a Belgian Para-Commando on a course are true, it's at least a change from the way they handed out the rounds to kids on a few of their 'peace-keeping' tasks in Africa.