Belgian police use water cannon on firefighters

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MightyBigEgo, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. So the UK isn't the only place with whinging cunt firemen?
  2. who would have suspected the Belgians of a sense of humour - short of setting them on fire, hosing them down is about the most ironic thing you could do to a bunch of firemen!
  3. The problem was, wa sthat they also hosed down all the spectators on the roofs having a good look too (only by mistake though).

    Talking to a Belgian copper about this today, and he said that the police were quiet restrained in their efforts! Why change the habit of a lifetime???
  4. Sounds fair enough, to be honest.

  5. It will never happen because of the language barriers. The Walloons (French speakers) and the Flemish (Dutch speakers) have their own governments (as well as the Federal one). The two governments allocate different funds for the same things. For example, in the Flemish area, more money is put into education than their Wallonian counterparts. And then you have the regional government in Brussels who does things differently. But to confuse it even more, the town halls can do their own thing as well. I live in a Dutch speaking commune of a French province, but the commune allocate funds as per the Flemish system, so the schools are better than the surrounding areas, but the bin collection/recycling is not.
    Getting Belgians to agree on anything is a considered to be nothing short of a miracle!!!!
    Here everyone is paid differently due to the area in which they work and live.