Belgian MEP proposes EU Empire

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Herrumph, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. So a United States of Europe is not enough, a Belgian MEP has declared in the EU "Parliament" that Mr Hollande's ambitions for EU integration needed to go even further.

    "Europe has no future unless we become a true federation - even an empire, in a good sense," he stated.

    (BBC News - BBC Democracy Live - Hollande calls for eurozone 'government'

    The Euro-fanatics seem determined to force the UK's hand I think
  2. Mmmmhhh I seem to remember the last Belgian empire, they had interesting incentive schemes like "work harder or we'll cut your fucking hands off," a measure which did much for productivity!

    It's a shame that they can't even rule their own poxy country.
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  3. Last couple of plans for a European Empire didn't end well at all though.

    Except the Romans of course (what did they ever do for us?)
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  4. Perhaps the Belgian should be listened to. After all Belgium has a reputation for a well organized and smoothly running parliament don't they??

    Erm...oh wait...never mind
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  5. Actually you might have a point there, maybe we should follow the Belgian example and not bother having a government.

    They showed that no government is actually required and the country kept ticking over fine.

    What a good idea.
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  6. I think you're confusing "government" and "arms factory".
  7. Odd thing to say, Belgium its self is ready to split in two, both half's want a divorce.

    You can only wonder at the sanity of these MEPs, I guess they live such separate lives from the rest of us they have no clue.
  8. But with no government there would be no one to raise taxes; there would be no one to invent new ways to regulate peoples lives, no one to.....

    actually that sounds nice,
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  9. Perhaps Europe after unification will need some living space. It could be a struggle but if we were one people we could be one empire but for that we need one leader.

    One night it could become crystal clear.
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  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    That is actually a genuine concern - what if some charismatic leader appeared (with or without a moustache). With him/her in charge, the EU could become a truly evil thing, instead of a grey and annoying thing, that just sucks money and common sense out of people.
  11. Why, have they run out of kids?

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    If you enshrine the concept of unelected individuals at the highest executive and legislative levels who have complete immunity from prosecution, as the EU constitution does, such an abuse is inevitable at some point.
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  13. It's a dream I still think the Sainted Tony has occasionally. With Peter Mandelson running the PR side of life like a modern Goebbels and Cherie as his Eva Braun.
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  14. ... and there is already a massive "state" propaganda investment by the EU, as well as overt criticism of- and calls for controls on - the remaining unruly parts of the free press...
  15. Well, there is that. But think of the improvement to the motorway network. And the trains would run on time.

    Either that or we'd have a flexible rail timetable...