Belgian Lt Col posts this to 24,000 readers in Belgium!!

Discussion in 'US' started by banjotrooper, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. I am a Brit living and working in Belgium. This article appeared in Flanders today this week. The paper has a circulation of 24000 readers.
    Maybe 24000 US soldiers would like to post the relevant required answer to the papers editor on behalf of this Lt Col regarding his statement? :D

    Here it is;

    Salute yanks! We are not all European pacivist cnuts! :x
  2. There's nothing such as friendly fire?

    I think I'm paraphrasing Tom Clancy in 'Red Storm Rising' and everybody who has ever worked with our colonial colleagues. FFS, their range procedures give me the gyp and I used to be a gunner!
  3. Now thats a quote!!
  4. Maybe you should ask the Danish Life Guards your lot Javelined, afterall its not like you never do Blue on Blue either.
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    24000 readers?

    More people have viewed a video of me having a shite on Youtube.
  6. Why'd you even post this, Cold_Ricker? Nobody's disputing that the British Army's had a few blue-on-blues. What they've never managed to do, however, is to top more of their comrades in a conflict than the fückin' opposition. You really have to have your drills squared away to achieve that.

  7. We top two and its a bloody tragic shame.

    Septic's top how many ive lost count at least our lot will admit the tragic mistake and will no dought send all the evidance over to the inquest in to the deaths not like the septics who do not.

    any how heres a reminder to our septic lords and masters of a few of our lads who lost their brave lives and some of our allies.

    Three men from the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment August 2007

    Killed in Helmand province the soldiers came under fire from two American F15 aircraft which had been called in to support the British.

    Seven Afghan police officers June 2007

    The officers were killed by US troops who returned fire in the belief that they were targeting Taleban fighters. Afghan President Karzai said it was a "heartbreaking incident".

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    US jet kills three British soldiers with bomb
    Inquiry blames US for ‘friendly fire’ death
    Friendly fire nearly killed me too
    Private Mark Anthony Graham, The Royal Canadian Regiment September 2006

    He died when two US A10s attacked Nato forces in southern Afghanistan. Five others were seriously wounded.

    Nicola Calipari an Italian intelligence agent March 2005

    US forces opened fire on the car in which he was travelling after he had helped to rescue a kidnapped Italian journalist in Baghdad.

    US Army Ranger Pat Tillman April 2004

    When he was shot dead in Afghanistan the US military lauded him as an all-American hero who served his country rather than pursue a lucrative football career. The US military then announced that he died through “friendly fire” – his family insist he was murdered.

    Sergeant Patrick McCaffrey June 2004

    His family was told that the US soldier was killed after "an ambush by insurgents". Two years later they discovered he had died as a result of a training accident with Iraqi troops.

    Flight Lieutenant David Williams and Flight Lieutenant Kevin Main March 2003

    The pilot and navigator of an RAF Tornado, returning from a bombing mission in Iraq, were killed when a US Patriot missile battery unit opened fire, believing the aircraft to be an Iraqi missile.

    Lance Corporal of Horse Matty Hull March 2003

    He was killed when a US A10 aircraft attacked his convoy in southern Iraq. The British armoured vehicles were marked with yellow identification panels, but the US pilot thought they were Iraqi rockets. A UK coroner said it was a criminal and unlawful killing, but the Pentagon refused to allow the US troops to be questioned.

    Terry Lloyd, ITN journalist March 2003

    Killed when he was caught in crossfire between American troops and Iraqis on the road to Basra, nicknamed the Highway of Hell.

    Fifteen people April 2003

    The deaths came when American aircraft attacked a Kurdish and US special forces convoy in Kurdistan, northern Iraq. John Simpson, the BBC journalist, was injured in the attack.

    Four Canadian soldiers April 2002

    Killed in Kandahar in southern Afghanistan when an American F16 dropped a laser-guided bomb on their position.

    A Nato delegation of 26 people April 1994

    The delegation included two high-ranking British Army officers Major Harry Shapland and Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Swann, they died when their US Black Hawk helicopter was shot down in Iraq by American fighters.

    Nine British soldiers February 1991

    A US A10 “tank-buster” launched an attack on a British armoured patrol in the desert during the Gulf War, and killed nine young soldiers from the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and The Queen's Own Highlanders.

    The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers' victims were : Paul Atkinson, Conrad Cole, Richard Gillespie, Kevin Leech, Lee Thompson, Stephen Satchell, Neil Donald, Martin Ferguson, and John Lang.