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Belgian-Is it a nationality or a profession?

It seems that the politicos in that country cannot agree on a form of government.Presumably because it has important EU and NATO locations,it cannot be allowed to fail?

Belgians that I know,seem to be happy with their own economic situation,and their MPs continue to draw substantial salaries and expenses.

I think that only an economic crisis there,will force a resolution of the problem.Step forward Mr Van Rompuy?
Any country that has beer fridges in a petrol station is alright in my book.


Is it not a bun?


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considering we created it we should have left a clause in there to cast a vote. I wonder what would happen if it split into two and neither side wanted to be part of the eu.

I actually think its rather good in the sense that it shows that a country can still work well without a govt to mess it up
The north goes Dutch, the South goes French and around Brussels can be made its own little enclave of EU'ness.

No more Belgians. This would of course mean that some other country would have to be the worlds number 1 for kiddy fiddling, murder and making snooker balls.


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If the Belges can't chose a gubment of their own, just let the Germans have a go at running the country. They tried in 1914-18 and then took it over for a bit in 1940-44, so they have the experience!! :(
I think we're confused about this. We say, "Belgium doesn't have a government", when in fact it has so many layers of government that the National government has no real purpose. The regional governments run most of what affects people's daily lives, and the EU makes all the foreign policy decisions and other laws. Belgium is actually the EU-crats testing ground for how the rest of Europe will look in 25 years time, that's why they were so keen that we had Regional Assemblies in England. TG for the sensible people of the North-East.

Imagine if England were the same size as Scotland, with the same kind of devolutionary settlement as we have now. That's how the Flemish see their relationship with the Walloons.
It seems that the politicos in that country cannot agree on a form of government.


Who was it that said 'Belgiums only purpose is to provide a route from Germany to the channel'


Let's not forget the German-speaking area. I met a couple on holiday in Spain once. They conversed in Dutch to a Dutch guy there. I presumed they were Flemish speakers but I asked them if they spoke French and they did; they did not speak English so we regularly conversed in French - and theirs was excellent. Then one day i overheard them talking amongst themselves in German. Turned out German was their first language.
Belgium does have a gvt at the moment, it’s called a Gouvernement d’affaires courantes…it means the Gvt has resigned but it is in fact still in charge of the day to day business. A Belgian humorist recently said that today only three things really mattered to the average Belgian : the TV remote control, beer and football…
The north goes Dutch, the South goes French and around Brussels can be made its own little enclave of EU'ness.

No more Belgians. This would of course mean that some other country would have to be the worlds number 1 for kiddy fiddling, murder and making snooker balls.

The Austrians are making a strong challenge for that title already.
Belgium is an artificial nation created at the end of the Napoleonic wars by a British act of parliament.

It's sole purpose is to provide a buffer state between the minging soapless cheese eaters and the murderous spikey headed huns. It's supposed to keep them away from each others throats. That's their mission statement.

When you consider the Franco Prussian war, the first world war and the second world war, you begin to appreciate just how effective Belgium is in this context. Perhaps we should abolish them.

The fault however doesn't lie with the filthy war shy ungovernable Phlegms, it lies with the filthy theiving fingers of the bent Brit parliament, like so many other problems and territorial settlements i.e. Kenya, Israel, Somalia N & S, Yemen........
So, as I'm swinging through Belgique in May/June, will I notice anything different from the usual utter, almost monochrome, (is there a law against using bright colours in Belgium to avoid frightening the smurfs?), drabness?
They do lovely beer. They also do crap beer, a la Stella. I read once that they have more (different) breweries per capita than any other nation in the world.

I like that. I like beer. If you have beer you don't need politicians and as the frog said, all be it as a swipe, remote control, beer and football, what's not to like?
they do have one bright orange dummy, often sporting a comedy moustache, used to warn motorists of impending doom style death on the highway by slowly waving a flag, humourously while half stuck in a bush by side of the road. The first time I saw one I thought 'what the fcking hell is THAT thing?? and while looking in my rear mirror trying to figure if it was human or not...then had to react to avoid a concrete truck which had manically swerved in front of me from a hidden works exit. One thing with can never quite tell where the next massive hazard will be. Keeps you guessing.

Don't get me started on Belgian driving!!!!!

Do they have a driving test?
Do they have any sort of highway code?
Do any Belgians even look at the road when they're driving?

The drive through Belgium is so depressing, I'm thinking about giving it a miss this year and travelling to Germany via France. Bit of a detour, have to pay tolls, but at least they have some scenery to look at.
There were no driving tests in Belgium before 1967. All was required until that date was a declaration on your honour that you could drive as well as self would then receive the licence free of charge !
I spent three very happy years stationed in Emblem, but travelling throughout the Low Countries, including the German speaking region around Monschau. I found them, certainly the Vlaamse, one of whom I fell in love with but sadly didn't marry, to be extremely friendly, cooperative and helpful. As for the beer, my local drinking haunt was the Den Draver because I could stagger back to Camp, but also on weekends we would use the Barracuda and others in Centraal Antwerpen, mainly because the whores from the Red Light District used to use it after hours !

Whilst my Flemish was passable, my French was a bit rusty and yes - I nearly got my lights punched out when I asked for directions in both languages in the German speaking Monschau - even though I was in uniform at the time !

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