Belgian/French journalist Yves Debay ("Raids", "Assaut" etc.) Killed in Syria

Belgian-born French journalist Yves Debay was killed by sniper fire while reporting on the crisis in Aleppo, Syria.

The war reporter was shot once in the head and once in the chest, reported Reuters. He was taken to Turkey, where medical staff pronounced him dead.

Journalist Yves Debay killed by sniper in Syria | GlobalPost

His bio on the link is crap.

Here is a better one but in French

La mort d'Yves Debay, reporter de guerre

Yves was a former Belgian Ad Corps NCO who, bored with garrison life, joined the Rhodesian Army. He tried for selection in the RLI but was kicked out for taking a short cut during one of the selection tabs. He was then posted to the Rhodesian armoured car Rgt where he remained for 4 years.

He then joined the Pathfinder Pn of the SA 44 Bgde before returning to Europe.

In 1986 he was a founding father of "Raids" magazine; he created his own magazine called "Assaut" in 2008 covering military affairs and was a regular contributor to many defense magazines such as Air Force Monthly. He also produced many articles for Concord publications.

He had covered most of the world's conflict of the past 30 years and he died doing what he liked most.

A picture of Yves Debay as a "Troopie" in the Rhodesian Armoured Car Regiment (Rh ACR) and as a war reporter 30-odd years latter.

He worked a lot for Combat and Survival in the UK and the last issue of Air Force Monthly has an article by him.



Sad news indeed. I've read his reports since i was a sprog.

In many ways it is amazing he survived as long as he did. He probably saw more shit than many career soldiers.

Au dieu.
Along with Rob Krott, responsible for my having a camera permanently attached to one of my limbs.

Glass hoisted in Belfast for you tonight Yves.... Thanks.

Edit:- Inappropriate as it may sound. Better like this than a car crash or cancer. At home in bed aged 99 would have been better yet.

Genuinely shocked.

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