Belgian F16s operating in Ground attack ops Afghanistan?

Yesterday, up to 500 Belgian peace lovers :roll: were arrested during public disturbances near Brussels. This week, media channels over here, have been giving coverage, confirming 4 x Belgian F16's are now operational in the roll of ground attack in Afghanistan. They are attached to the Dutch contingent but available to all when required!This has to be the entire Belgian Air Force I reckon!
Funny lot the Belgies, most of the time they spend arguing and demonstrating about Flemish/Walloon issues, let alone their F16's blowing Terry Taliban to bits! :lol:
As long as they're hitting the right targets the why should we worry?
They Belgian F16's were there at the begining of 2005 till I left mid 2006 at KAIA, presuming this has been the case for a while.

Ha :lol: News must filter very slowly down to Wouter Walloon or Flemish Freddie that's all I can say! Maybe they have only just started in that roll, the coverage said they have been in the recon roll but are now fully involved with ground support. Maybe that's what got a whole load of peaceniks up in arms this week! Not used to seing water cannon blowing shed loads of hippies about in Brussels on TV! :D
Belgian F-16s will arrive by September and stay for four months only I believe. Unlike previous rotations they will be seeing lots of action this time around I think.
It's obvous something is happening. I live and work in Ypres. Every day for the last 2 weeks, F16's have been above the town and making very low passes along the Pashendaele ridge! This is not normal here, so this amount of ariel activity suggests something new is about to happen regarding Belgium's F16 fleet. The hippie peace demonstrations in Brussels this week suggest the same also!
Nice to see Belgium pulling it's finger out! Lets hope Pedro, Fritz, Jean Paul and Mario start sharing the burdon, especialy where it realy is required and sooner rather than never! :x
Maybe the protesters are Walloons who are miffed that their air force is supporting Dutchmen?


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