Belgian F16 ND's and destroys other Belgian F16 on the ground

I think the F16s have something against control towers and stuff in general...

1998 - Danish F16 launches a ******* missile into a control tower
2009 - Norwegian F16 shoots up a control tower
2014 - Dutch F-16 strafes a range control tower
2016 - Norwegian F16 shoots up a control tower - again - the same tower too!

Luckily, there were a couple of injuries in one of the incidents but nothing serious...

Next time you hear some controllers complaining about PTSD, yes, they do have valid reasons.
But you have to think of the time delays built into the process.
I don't disagree - and the same applies to macroeconomics. I was just trying to point out that anyone willing to blame Obama (as opposed to Trump) for parts shortages, should be willing to credit Obama (rather than Trump) for most of the early economic good news of the administration so far...

...unless they're a hypocrite, obviously, but then we are talking about politicians...

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