Belgian "Dirty Hetero" campaign not discriminatory.Quoi/Wat?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stoatman, Jun 21, 2006.

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    Marvellous. I know Belgium is a bit loopy (e.g. banning political parties and censoring views the government doesn't like), and that similar ideas have been circulating in the UK on the sly, but this is ridiculous and to come from a government organisation committed to "equal opportunities" makes it even more so.

    As was mentioned in another thread, is it now time for the white heterosexual majority to demand equality ?
  2. If we take De Witte at his word, the South African apartheid regime did not really discriminate against the black majority.

    Ummm, except for the shootings, ghettoisation, torture, expropriation...Does Brussels Journal really add anything to this site? This just appears to be a Belgian version of the 80s Age Concern newspaper ads.
  3. That's the point -- the reality of the situation is rather different from his view that discrimination is something that by definition can only affect minorities.

    Plenty of people are told a similar thing today in Britain when they complain to the police that they are the victims of racial abuse for being white.