Belgian Boy

Dont know if been done before, but saw this and thought it worthy of sharing.

This is from a story in Belgium. A family was rescued by Canadian troops in WW2, and a Grandson, 5 years old, found that he would not be here if not for the Canadians. So his mother found out that a Canadian unit would be marching past their home on a certain day, and made up a Uniform of the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, kilt and all.
The boy would salute the Candians as they marched by. And here he is, boots shined, standing at attention, with the Canadian Flag coming closer. What would the Canadians do ?

Stolen from another thread here
ooh it's a bit dusty in here, I think it must be my time of the month, off down the gym to pump some iron and look at myself in the mirror to feel more manly.

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