Belfast - The Place To Be On 6th Nov 11

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HHH, Oct 17, 2011.

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  1. HHH

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  2. skid2

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    Whole thing wil be a goatfuck. Snow Patrol (God help us) and RHCPs sent out to keep the proles in the city centre. While the lovely ones will be swanning around the Odyssey no doubt given the wall to wall coverage on local TV there are going to be some disappointed people when they get refused access.
    MTV......Jesus I'm having trouble with VH 1 Classic, thank God for Spotify and an ipod.
    We're thinking of having a roped off area in our Belfast watering hole for regulars, dedicated barperson, barstools, stern looks for the idiot and moron who decides to get in the way of everyones drinking.
    Maybe a small tastefully engraved card. Reserved for the sole use of regulars who inhabit the place and keep it going when you're not here. We thank you for your visit and really value your opinion and custom. Now **** Off to the other end of the bar with the rest of the *********'
  3. Did they ever get the drinks licensing issue sorted for this party? Stupid local laws ready to put a dampener on the occasion.

    BBC News - MTV party poser prompts fresh call on NI drinking laws

    Got to admit though Belfast as a party town is just none existent. All hen/stag parties should avoid like the plague as compared to other UK cities the place is still in a timewarp.

    The city centre bars are all scattered about with no real central cluster of bars/clubs. And before i hear cries of Cathedral Quarter or up Donegal Place - do yourself a favour. And to top it all off, this must be the only UK city that does not host any gentlemen’s clubs - wtf?
  4. Theres more than a handful of clubs and pubs in and around Shaftsbury Square. Anyway I got 8 tickets for the Snowpatrol gig.