Belfast on Terror Alert

Suspected IRA dissidents have hijacked and burnt cars in Catholic parts of Northern Ireland in a coordinated effort to block roads and spark bomb threats, police have said.

Officers said they had received a wave of reports of vehicles being seized by masked gunmen in several parts of Belfast.

They were also called to disturbances in Lurgan, a town southwest of the city that is a power base for IRA dissidents.

Some vehicles were set on fire in roads to disrupt traffic at rush hour, while others were abandoned near four Belfast police stations and on Northern Ireland's major motorway.

Police said they were treating all the abandoned vehicles as potential car bombs, although they cautioned it was unlikely they were car bombs.

Roads were cordoned off and the M1 was shut city-bound close to the intersection with Lurgan, Co Armagh, as a precaution.

The latest upheaval came at the end of a month in which suspected IRA dissidents shot to death two soldiers and a policeman - the first killings of British security forces since 1998, the year of Northern Ireland's peace accord.

First Minister Peter Robinson blamed dissidents for the latest incidents.

He said: "The criminal terrorists responsible for the series of bomb-scares and hijackings are beneath contempt and have no support whatsoever in the community.

"In recent weeks, Northern Ireland has sent these murderers the message loud and clear. We will not be dragged back into death and mayhem."

Mr Robinson added: "The whole community must stand together to defeat these criminals and I appeal to anyone with information regarding the perpetrators of these evil criminal acts to come forward and share that information with the police.

"These criminals will fail because of the resolve of the people of Northern Ireland. The people of our Province have spoken over recent weeks: those who would try to destabilise and destroy Northern Ireland will fail. We won't be going back.

"I would appeal for calm and restraint from everyone in the community.

"Let us all work with the police to bring these criminal murderers to justice and put them behind bars where they belong.",_According_To_NI_Police
IRA are dissidents. Their sponsors should bear responsibility
I am really perplexed at what they are doing.. Are they just going mad as they see their support base evapourate with everything they do? The whole violent republican cause in it's death throes if you like..

I mean, I don't see how hijacking vehicles and setting fire to them to **** up rush hour traffic is going to do anything but really piss everyone off. The British government isn't going to think "**** me we'd better get out soon now" after that, and the local populance are just going to get more and more pissed off.

I can see why those cnuts adams and mcguinnes are getting a bit adverse to them.. surely they are just rolling back their cause?
Same thing happened in the 70s mayhem all over the place, usualy in west or nationalist side of the city. Only in those days burning the place down was an improvement. Now that it's all been rebuilt and redeveloped the natives won't be so keen to have the DR and a bunch of scrotes wrecking the place
Maybe the prods should try it on the lower shankill and newtownards road. A return to the good old days the friday afternoon bomb scares, a bottle of water in the boot for the radiator and you'd something to pee into as well. a couple of mars bars and a pile of cassettes all you had to worry about was running out of petrol.
I'd say it's all about trying to set the conditions for dragging the troops back on to the streets.

Without a target they have lost legitimacy amongst their own population and are increasingly being seen for what they really are.


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Have I woken up in the 70's. Is there some sort of Life on Mars thing going on? We have a dreadful Labour government. A recession, paddywackery going on in province. WTF is going on?

Is there a Thatcher on the horizon to sort it out or are we screwed?
saw it on the news last night, Deja Vu ????
It's the same with all terrorists be it IRA dissidents or Islamic fundamentalists. They are too thick and stupid to understand modern society and help progress it with new ideas and new technologies. So instead of embracing change and taking on a global outlook they try and drag everyone down to their own neanderthal base/sub-human level by creating disorder and chaos.

Trouble is bored unemployed teens and older thick as mince job-dodgers are easily persuaded to cause the trouble by the c**kless dissidents because they simply aren't bright enough to think for themselves.

Either that or the drug barons are simply using the 'dissident' smoke screen to re-establish their patches.

Bunch of utter cnuts regardless
Brings back sweet memories of the FRG - yababadabadoo!!

Google maps of the area are interesting now - I see the Divis Flats have all but gone now, allong with a few other changes.

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