Belfast Kicking Off Again?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by snapper, Sep 11, 2005.

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  1. Parade time again and Belfast kicks off BBC News .... C*nts

    Time to rebuild all the sangers recently trashed?
  2. Neu Arbeit wouldn't allow it mate,
    'They must be allowed to express their opinions and their rich cultural diversity boll*xs' or something similar out of party HQ.
    We'd be accused of infringing civil liberties, you know they hate people who do their jobs.
  3. Or is the Loyalist just playing up to 'defere' the withdrawl of Troops.
  4. Maybe raising a 2nd bn of the special reconnaisances would do the trick
  5. They can see all those cushy, taxpayer funded jobs disappearing before their eyes if peace is allowed to break out.

    Churchill once said- "Jaw, jaw is better than war, war."

    Paisley implies- "War, war is better than jaw, jaw."
  6. Maybe they're just taking a leaf out off IRA/SF book, kick off long enough and Neu Arbeit will cave in. It worked for Gerry, Martin and Co.
  7. Yes, Tony caved in to all Republican demands and now we have a United Ireland with the North free of all British troops and institutions.

    Hang on...
  8. Who gives a sh*t - we're out of there.

    PSNI and all the other new crowds can crack on...
  9. "While the Orange Order has noted the Chief Constable's intemperate, inflammatory and inaccurate remarks, we have decided to take a more responsible line and will not be drawn into a similar knee-jerk reaction, it said.
    "At this stage, all we would say is that if what we saw today was policing, it was policing at its worst."

    Classic Proddy-ese: not an intemperate, inflammatory and inaccurate knee-jerk statement to make then. <sigh> These “Brits” really are a sad & confused bunch of cnuts.
  10. SOURCE
  11. [sarcasm=on]Damn police! They're a brutal bunch aren't they?[sarcasm=off]. The funny thing is - they only evidence I can see of the police doing anything violent is reacting to enemy fire. The Orange Order is as valid as the KKK - a reactive separatist movement formed hundreds of years ago whose time has long passed. Scum.
  12. Precisely my point. If we aren't backing up the police then we can't get shot at. Q.E.D. Rioting and public order issues should now be falling under the remit of a robust police authority. We were out there to address the terrorist insurgency threat and the linkages to organised crime and mob violence. If the terrorist threat is fading then so should we.
  13. Whilst i have no sympathy for either set of kids

    i think what has pissed the loyalists off is the apparent collapse of the British Government's stance against terrorism. Just look at all the recent occurences

    The large withdrawl of troops
    The demolition of watch towers and army bases
    The apparent IRA ceasefire without any verification proccess
    IRA prisoners being released early thanks to the GF agreement
    The IRA's refusal to allow independent witnesses to view their 'decommisioning'

    What have the loyalists been given in rteturn for their cesation of terrorism?

    Their orange walks (questionable at best) being re-routed

    They are all ********* but it does seem that tony and cherie prefer one brand of terrorism over another...
  14. Ban all marching, bunch of bigoted fuckwits!!

    I am a Scotsman and if English settlers marched once a year to remind us of Culloden it would piss me off as well.

    NB I am not a Catholic and I have spent over 12 months on active duty in the worst parts of what has the potential to be a fantastic country if they can just weed out the scum inhabitants that make the place a misery for all concerned