Belfast International Tattoo 2018

Went to the matinee show with Mrs Pv and her Dad today. As I've said on another thread he's been diagnosed with dementia. It was gratifying to see him enjoying the show - tapping his foot along to the music and even joining in the singing at the finale. Highlights of the show? Well,it was all pretty good. But I enjoyed the Band of the Gurkhas who along with four others of their number in combats did a kind of martial arts display with their Kukri. Scared? I wouldn't approach one of them if they had a loofah. Hugely impressive.

The ladies above , however , made it for me. They are part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Band as Highland Dancers. I'm happy to say that all those ladies of C cup and above were on my side of the auditorium as they danced. Their bras did sterling work as they performed their routine. The photo is not mine sadly But one of their publicity photos.
Highland dancers are always fun to, errr, frolic with, but they tend to have an attitude, maybe it’s caused by their hair being pulled to tight......

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