Belfast Grand Central Hotel

Discussion in 'RAC' started by fatjock, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. Found this in old copy of soldier magazine. We were more like Pickfords emptying that hotel. seen a couple of my old friends on there.
  2. My they did work hard in GCH

    So much bomb damaged goods, so little time!!

    did anyone see that Commer van at Nitts corner on sunday, with the green fire extinguisher?? :oops:
  3. Blimey, that takes me back! I was there in 76 when the Postman Pat's van went off and it was wierd looking down through the 4" gap in the floor to the floor below.

    Still remember the embarrassment of a woman, who'd been to the sex shop in Berry St and decided to go through one of the segment gates to do more shopping and had her recent puchase flourished in front of a large queue by one of the civilian searchers.

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  4. That would have been right onto Smithfield Market then?
  5. Memory fuzzy about names, but I think so. Daytimes stags were enlived by one of the shops (I think it was the blue one) loudly playing rebel songs from a loud speaker. Sangar was armoured with panels from either Pig or Saracen, complete with .223 holes. Didin't exactly fill you with confidence!
  6. What did in those days. At least you got a clearer field of vision after the Markets burned down LOL.
  7. Donny U*e in the middle on the photo of the accommodation. 'Radar' from the MT in the front rank on the last photo side view...first short arrse from the right side).

    Jeez there were some ugly b*stards in that Regiment.

    Any idea what happend to old 'Rattles'? The last I heard of him he was hiding in an MFO box in the HQ Sqn accommodation.
  8. The floor on that place was more warped than a warped thing.
  9. Aye well it was an old place which desperately needed total renovation even before the army took it over. Interesting that the council cleared the site after MOD gave it up. No attempt to save the facade or anything. Unlike Gosford which was and is listed and is at last getting a new lease of life.

    Is Castledillon derelict now?

    While we're on the subject, the future of Bessbrook Mill has to be in grave doubt as well because I'd say that the days of troops being there are severely numbered. (much to the relief of the inhabitants of Camlough LOL).
  10. Talking of Gosford- these bring back any memories?

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  11. Can't seem to get both into the same post.

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  12. I can remember it back then ok although I was still at school. We used to spend some Sundays doing the walks in the forest park and of course the civvy car park was just round the back of the castle at that time.
  13. Bloody hell!
    That brings it all back, I had one of the rooms on the top floor shared with two others, one of whom was a right minger.
    The wog shop in the former cloakroom was the place to be in the morning if you could get there, I recall dancing to Wizard with a couple of WRAC's in 1973, all this at 10.00 am!
    We turned the ladies toilets at the back of the hotel into two dark rooms.
    If your name is Eileen and you were an RMP there in 1973 then Henry sends his regards!!!!!!!
  14. You had WRACs! We had to rely on the locals. We left about OCt/Nov 73, so you must have taken over from us Henry.