Belfast bombing 1972 - Victim looking for that soldier

It is a crying shame that all the good incidents, that far outweigh the bad incidents barely see the light of day, while the minority of bad incidents make screaming headlines for weeks, months, years and even decades.

Hope she finds her man.


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It'll be very interesting to see how this develops. Just for starters it ain't me.


This from wikipedia, I know says she lost both legs but from the bbc article it looks like that may have been reported at the time.

So is he a para? Photo is a bit fuzzy but cap badge could be.

One young woman lost both legs; she was photographed by Derek Brind of the Associated Press as a British Paratrooper held her in his arms

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Ironically probably known to those now facing prosecution


He's already been identified on a closed group on FB. I suggest no-one posts his name here without his permission.
Im totally disgusted by these pictures and concerened about the harm they are doing to the reputation of the Parachute Regiment. Why are they giving first aid, shouldn't they be grinding boot heels in the faces of the casualties?

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He is definitely a Para as a much clearer picture of him and his cap badge made the front pages of at least one national newspaper, I think the Daily Mirror. He looks quite young so I think he might well still be around.

Whether he wants to be tracked down would be quite another thing. It was one of the first horrific multiple fatality bombings in Belfast, hundreds were injured including schoolchildren, limbs and eyes were blown away. Seven men were killed including three dustmen, the descriptions of their bodies was recounted by Dublin journalist Kevin Myers, it did not make for pleasant reading.

The young man who was there, might prefer to live out his old age without recalling those events.
What's the betting some ambulance chasers are now taking an interest in him...

'Did she give you explicit permission to hug her, in triplicate?'

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