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Belfast:- Ammo Boot studs

Yes, chaps I did try all of the City ones. The majority of whom said "eh?"

Did find one place that had a pricely total of 4 and no idea where he could get more.
And, I have to ask: What is 'recreational walting'? Do you dress up in Ammo Boots in your off duty hours?
Some cadet will no doubt post a thread on this 'attrocity' shortly...

Walting with ...studs...?!!!!! Anybody trying to prove their mettle as a valid and authenticated arrser will be frothing at the mouth now!!!
What sort of walting?

If british then flat studs for protecting the leather soles of yer ammo boots, pointy for units operating in mountainous country and drivers shall remain un-studded. Early war as many studs as you can reasonably fit on the sole reducing to the 13 for economy reason by mid-war period.

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