Belfast ..A change for the better?

Living in Belfast things have been pretty quiet , the odd knee capping of the local drug pushing scum bag( keeping plod on over time) .an army of jobs worth meter wardens stalking the streets, But this morning we got the big one...the lower ormo corrdened off , fleets of psni landrovers,moter cycle cops stoping traffic local residents evacuated to the local school,fire brigade and ambulance service on stand by UTV, BBC sat vans set up . It was some circus that lasted over 7 hours!!...the reason?.... two twenty somthing lads were protesting over being evicted and one had fired 2 pellets in to the street from a air pistol........20 years back you would'nt have got this turn out for a 1000 lb bomb out side city hall ..(..but then we had a bit of common sence )....How would we old fahrts have dealt with it ..... Welll,A swift knock on the door with a 7 lb sledge hammer and a shout of were sending in the Dogs would have sorted things in 20 mins and i would have got to feckin work on time :evil:
The Holy Land kicking off over sweet FA? Well I never...

Why were they being evicted?...

Totally agree H

A good house search with 7lb persuader would have done them in as we went in bust the front door & cuffed the wee scrotes. Even though it was only an air weapon or a gat gun the peelers took the right stance. They protected the local CivPop and got Endex to a silly Mexican standoff. It was interesting to see that a few of of the local scrotes criticised the police and called it heavy handling with the MSU & TSG with their MP5's. If it had of been Jon Bon Jovi's in the Holy Lands firing an AK47 in the street the cops would have been the worst. A very measured and great response by the police who were diplomatic and protected life and got a soft landing without firing a round. Hope the outgoing Chief Con thanks the unit for a job well done.

Nobody ever fires at the Security Forces/RUC/PSNI and should hope to escape regardless of the calibre.
If I lived in the Ormou road I wouldn't complain about bein evicted. Were these guys druggies or what?
Belfast, a change for the better?

I thought that meant the place had been nuked. Sound like same sh1t different day to me.
As usual the same 'if we were allowed to we could have sorted it ourselves' bullshit. Whatever your gripe, if you start waving guns around(replica or otherwise) then dont expect the parish priest to come and sort things out. Fcukin gypos got off lightly if you ask me... :evil:


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