Belfast 1978 - soldier (aiming) holding magazine in standing position

Wouldn't it be good, if infantry officers in training got some of that informal education early in their professional lives.

Instead of, at end of their Special To Arms training, being no better-versed in small arms than a Crow in week 6.

Just a thought.
But that would leave less time for marching up and down the square...


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I don't think so, or if it happened, the use of them hadn't been thought through. Essentially defensive weapons, so the first to be used would be the higher capacity smg with a pistol for backup. The walther was always supposed to be a 'personal' defence weapon, not for use on normal operations, and certainly never as a first use preference.
It was carried by 'covert' types when in situations where trouserbulges could be misinterpreted, but in practice wasnt bulgy enough.
If you were on your own in a car the second 9mm with 20rd mag was instantly available.

If you had a few seconds to think about it you might want to pick up your SMG.

The initial attraction of the Walther was it's small size then you realised you might as well throw it at them.

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