Belated Veterans Day


War Hero
Given the news yesterday about turd face and his wife leaving downing street, does anyone know if anything was organised for Veterans Day yesterday? There wasnothing in this neck of the woods.

For all those of you who are veterans- I'll be getting monged out of my face on Friday and I'll raise the first glass top you


War Hero
Missed yesterday due to work (I hate work!!) ... but there's a week's worth of stuff happening in Birmingham. I'll be there over the weekend, and will also sink a jar or two in memory!
Actually received my Vet's badge (27 years in green uniform) through the mail yesterday :D so will be proudly wearing it from now-on. Stuck in rural Hampshire where the square root of fxxx-all seems to be happening. :(

That'll be apart from me going downtown at lunchtime and getting sh1tfaced this afternoon with the rest on the team. Being the only one entitled to wear the badge will obviously act as a fanny-magnet (not!) :wink:

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