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Beirut Explosion, so what was it?


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Debate on the BBC about whether the explosion was racist. Not enough white people killed apparently.


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Local med support now over capacity, turning walking wounded away. Urgent appeal for blood donation. Now would be a good time for Israel to offer some support and supplies, maybe some diplomatic credit to be earned?
Just came on here to post the same . could also do an airlift to take some of the wounded to Israeli hospitals as the ones in Beirut are too full to cope .
This is what happens when you leave dingerr in charge of lighting the sparklers.
The vapour seems to be a function of the "blast" wave. Look at these.


The volcano at the bottom of first link seems to be most broadly similar in speed of expansion if not scale.
There was a very large industrial explosion in 2013 when an Ammonium Nitrate plant in Texas was destroyed by arson, but that wasn't in a heavily built up area.

You can see a lot of secondaries cooking off before the big blast, so I would guess that the first one involved explosives but the second was probably bulk chemicals.


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Corbyn has just tweeted that it's all the Jew's fault... And Tory cuts.

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