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Beirut Explosion, so what was it?


EOD expert says fireworks due to colour of smoke.

Description bears no relation to the footage of the fire burning away with many small explosions for quite a while until the massive one. And anyway it's not 1982 - jets don't need to fly "very, very low" to hit a target.

The second explosion is strongly reminiscent of one of those chemistry lab demos where they pile something up and set light to it.


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The BBC are reporting a 'mostly peaceful' warehouse fire in Beirut.

What did I miss?
Guardian has the local Governor stating there were several fire engines on scene dealing with the initial blast when the second when went off.
I simply can't believe Twatter where people are sure this was a nuclear weapon
I drive a desk so I wouldn't know, and I had a tendency to fall out of my cam cot when the big guns went off so identifying bangs is not my forte beyond knowing it was a BIG one.

The Western Front Mines were heard in London. However they were deffo military explosives, were buried and definitely deliberatley detonated. My sole valid insight therefore is that it must be big because you also are far away. I'll be interested to see what can be made from it once seismic data and so on can be analysed.
There was a very large industrial explosion in 2013 when an Ammonium Nitrate plant in Texas was destroyed by arson, but that wasn't in a heavily built up area.

You can see a lot of secondaries cooking off before the big blast, so I would guess that the first one involved explosives but the second was probably bulk chemicals.

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