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Beirut Explosion, so what was it?


I expect the BBC will call it as a result of a white, male, tory(scum), brexit supporting, right wing, climate change denier and if there was a woman running the port it would never have happened.
If they were the same, wouldnt the building in the second photo now just be a big hole in the ground?


The port infrastructure is gone too. that's going to cause all manner of issues too.
BBC website saying 78 dead 4,000 injured, that looks fortunately low considering the magnitude of the blast. The shattering of umpteen windows must be responsible for a lot of the casualties poor bastards.
Those figures were on Wiki early last night. I'd imagine the death figure especially will be revised upwards quite considerably- BBC already saying minimum if 100 deaths.


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Those figures were on Wiki early last night. I'd imagine the death figure especially will be revised upwards quite considerably- BBC already saying minimum if 100 deaths.
There could be many hundreds more in the collapsed buildings.
Reminds me of the 2015 Tianjin explosion in China, which was caused by ammonium nitrate ignited by the overheating of a container full of nitrocellulose stored nearby - 2015 Tianjin explosions - Wikipedia

Aplogies if this has already been mentioned.
I’m currently working on a project in Lebanon but because of COVID I’m working remotely. Thank Christ as this bit of the port isn’t very far from many of the various embassies and ministries, or the hotel I normally stay in. The Swedish and Dutch embassies are quite close to the port, for example.

During my visits there over the years, I’ve learned that the government is a patchwork quilt with various ministries shared between different factions.

My UN source (who works quite closely with the Army) said the stuff was confiscated. It’s not hard to imagine that once it was taken off the ship it sat there because none of the ministries could agree what to do with it.

Heaven forbid they fertilise the land and work....

A bit facetious I know but with 80%+ imports to zero exports (im hearing on the news), are they just living on foreign aid?


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The level of nitrogen was restricted in NI, 15% max is in my head, but that would need to be checked.

Im not aware of any additives that reduce the hazard. The primary hazard is as an oxidiser (5.1), if you added some chemical that removed that risk I suspect it would no longer be effective for its legitimate uses.

As with all dangerous goods, it’s about the safety measures employed to prevent disasters happening, the problem being that these measures can be restrictive and expensive, prompting some to ignore them because they don’t appreciate the risk.

Even in the UK people ignore the regulations and disasters happen.

We did rural patrols of West Tyrone and Fermanagh (1976). Always stopped for a fertilizer bag. We were looking for in excess of either 28% or 30% nitrate. I think the latter. We regularly found the former.
It could have been worse, it Looks like the reinforced silos absorbed and diverted a lot of the blast .

Those things (grain elevators/silos) have a habit of exploding on their own undercertain conditions ie if there is sufficient dust in the air and spark is applied...

Lucky the blast didn't set that one off at the same time.

Dust explosions

Grain elevator explosions in USA

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