Beirut Explosion, so what was it?


So some of you will have seen big explosions, whats the cause of this one, watch with the sound on.

Somebody tweeted fireworks factory, somebody said it was an explosion at the naval base.
Orange/red flame and lots of black smoke suggests partially burnt fuel. What looks like a massive volume of water displaced in front of the flames suggests the bang happened at or under water level.

Oil tanker going bang seems a reasonable bet.

Edit - or as Puttees suggested an LPG tanker.


I am reading Israeli attack on Hezbollah arms storage, lots of different versions now, its er a big bang.
Israeli Air Force have been out and about delivering stuff to the neighbours today


Its a mess

Fire pressurises then ruptures a storage tank sending a dense cloud of LPG above Upper Explosive Limit into the air. The cloud dilutes with air, coming below the UEL, meets flame and explodes.

Effectively a fuel/air explosive.

It's what we used to worry about living near the oil cracking plants in Middlesbrough.

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