Being transferred into Sword company!

Yeah they beast the shit out of you every day.
Well lots of mugs of bovril & a nice Sgt telling you all that you must have an early night. Lots of people being nice to you & helping you along the road to recovery.

Get a ******* grip man, this is the Army not some nancy pambey poofs club. Your in the Army so expect lots of work on your injury & getting you fit to return to your troop.
Oh and if your not fit you can expect a P45!
I know a few lads who went in and you don't do that much phys, twice a day tops. You get plenty of down time and extra lessons, some things you don't normally learn in basic pistol training for example. Just put the effort in with the phys, keep your nose clean and you'll be out of there in no time, Good luck.

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