Being told not to post on ARRSE

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Thebull140, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. This morning a certain troop of upgraders were told not to write comments on ARRSE because it was upsetting people. Just wondering how many new members ARRSE has had today as a direct result of these comment.

    Gotta be honest thanks for advertising it for us guys.
  2. whats next!! will they be telling me who to vote for!!!

    or perhaps what type of wallpaper i should have in my house??

    in fact i am looking to buy a new car, will they tell me which one i must buy!!!!!
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    This shows a worrying lack of grip as to how Soldiers work. It always seems to me to be "Ban something = make it irresistable.

    Think about the eternal lure of 'Out of Bounds' drinking holes and knocking shops :D
  4. all they have achieved by telling people not to go on arrse, is that everyboby is now gauranteed to come on, which to be fair is probably the most the troop cadre have achieved in along time, well done you lazy arses
  5. I take it you've got a new CO. How long has his/her (malign) influence been in evidence? Did s/he come in and change approach on day 1, or give it a few weeks/months?.
  6. Now, now. They aren't that lazy. Just look at the workload they have to share, and they only have 4 Fullscrews, 1 Staffy and a WO1 to cover it. They do PT at LEAST once a week, add to that 1 parade a day and 78 brews to be made.

    I for one am amazed that they can fit in leave. I think the OC should right them up for the honours list.
  7. Yes and Im sure you will put that in your end of course report...

    :roll: [/b]
  8. Roger.

    This week's seen a glut of postings from disgruntled soldiers.

    Long may it continue :wink: :wink:

  9. thebull140:

    i would be interested to know who 'told' you to keep away from arrse....

    did you all mis-understand the 'advice' or was it an 'order'.....??

    anyone else get the same message as bull??

    if you want to name and shame, PM me if you need to.
  10. We weren't told not to just told to only write things constrcutive and valid. If you need validation ask anyone who was hanging round wednesday morning. or read through the other gripes on here and decide for yourself.

    Do you remember independent thought or have you become instutionalised as well.
  11. it started with this



    sort yourself out man!!!!

    looks like your just bitchin coz youve been told off.

    if you start a thread, at least get the facts right before you go off on (another) tangent....
  12. The general feeling between all the upgraders was we were told not to post certain things. I wasnt quoting i was giving a general idea. somebody asked further so i informed them.

    and anyway whats wrong with my tangent i quite like it, there's a nice view from it. :p If we didnt have arrse like this then arrse would be a very very dull place. what do you want us to say.
    ARRSE would be a very dull place.

    I was gonna apologise about my foot note about being institutionalised cos it seemd like it was aimed at you. But now i'm starting to think it is aimed at you. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  13. Post away, Scalies.

    If you have been told not to post naughty horrid things then clearly Someone Is Asking Questions. Presumably that "CLUNK" sound you can hear is a nail being hit squarely on the head.

    Keep it up, keep it up.
  14. To be fair, Bull, we weren't given a no more posting speach. We were merely told not to post anything unless it was valid...

    You can read in to that what you want. There were no further guidelines on what "valid" really meant. For example I could say that 11 Sig Regt is F8cking sh*t and I can't wait to get out. To some this would be valid to others maybe not!!!

    Further more, it has been said and I agree, the original post that caused all this was not posted by anyone but a member of permanent staff, of approximately Cpl rank. Because they were they only ones who received extra duties, if they did at all I'm not sure, due to the incident on camp.

    So why drag it up on our parade, and cause this ruckas?
  15. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    So if I was to post the following:

    Would this incur the wrath of those from on high as this post is neither valid or constructive towards the greater good of 11 Sigs and the Royal Corps as a whole?

    I am now digging myself a shell scrape out the back of my block to await the incoming wrath regarding chocolate frogs :twisted: