Being the gray man.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by johnboy1990, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. Now I have been told by many ex force's and people in the force's, that once I am in basic try be the grey man, but at the same time show your smart, but dont make yourself sound like a smart arrse..

    So is their any tips like little bits of clever things that can make you stand out..

    my dad told me one for when setting up a harbour...get a small twig and where there is a bivvy behind it rap the twig in the thread/rope so when you run your hand along you know where there is a bivvy/tent....

    This is the sort of thing i mean, just things that you can say or do to show you are thinking logicaly, but at the same time not the smart arrse who everyone hated in school who always had his hand up and brown on his nose...
    Im sure this thread could be useful to everyone starting basic if the older/wiser contribute useful tips
  2. Learn to sleep inside a camel.
  3. Heres one mate.On your BFT run(or whatever name it goes by now)come in with seconds to spare,putting a massive effort in over the last 100mtrs.Puffing and panting,veins sticking out on your neck etc,also an affected limp helps.
    All in one youv'e shown spirit,determination,triumph over adversity.
    Just dont get caught having a fag round the corner
  4. Volunteer for everything and always be sure to report other recruits for all wrong doing no matter how trivial. This will make you a favourite with the training staff and you are sure to pass out as a Corporal.
  5. yes johnboy your dad has taught you the most obvious thing in the world which would of been told to you after two mins. please don't be the grey man! i hate that saying! i want blokes who speak up when asked, shut up when being told something, man up when standing up for something, put up with all the shite we all have to and get on with it and only stand out for being knowledgable and professional. But most of you if you can hold your own infront of a group of people then you'll be fine! Be funny but not offensive!

    and for god sake don't take many people's advise because you are you! Don't let the army change that! and it's called a harbour area, can't remember the last time we had to set up an area for cruise liners docking for the night!
  6. And earn you the biggest shoeing of your life! 'K' don't be mean! 8O
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Who said that?
  8. who said what bit?
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Did anyone hear something?
  10. Im not going to stoop to that level, im just trying to try learn simple things that will stand me in good stead for being a better soldier.

  11. Watch Red Dwarf and model yourself on Rimmer.

    Starching underpants never goes un noticed either.
  12. Lesson 1 ask a stupid question get a stupid answer
  13. Lesson 1 ask a stupid question get a stupid answer
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    No stupid questions only stupid people being asked. Do as dad says and keep your head down. There is so much to learn dont waste time asking on this forum unless its specific and target it at current trainees/instructors who will possibly be too busy to answer. Now be the grey man!
  15. Spending that extra 5 minutes on your locker or ironing or boots etc etc will help you to stand out when every other cnut has shyt boots and shit locker lay dont come across as a brown nosing tw@t this way you just come across as switched on!....

    in my opinion anyway