Being spiked

anyone know the number to ring if you've been spiked?


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Try the CDT Line, that should provide a decent cover story for you.

Or try the RMP's
lol, no cover story. I think I may have actually been spiked.
notify chain ofcommand immediately, if you get CDT before you tell someone you're screwed with no defence. The "big" Army are aware that service personnel are a target to be spiked, you shouldn't be put under any suspicion......unless you're telling porkies to get yourself out of the shoite.

So just inform my unit then?


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Duty Officer ASAP, once you start the process it needs to be completed quickly. Urine samples, blood, hair.

They can tell if you have been spiked or are a user.
Does your bum hurt this morning? Could be a tell-tale sign.
medman82 said:
ARMY RIZZLE.......I'm starting to think that you're taking the p iss.......
Nah, sorry, I just ddnt know wether there was a dedicated number or not.

All sorted now, cheers.

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