Being Social .

Just wondering ,Are there many out there who feel that the social part of the TA ,is still a important factor for turning up at weekends ect?
Or not important at all, you just like to turn up earn your corn and then go home to wifey again on sunday afternoon.
No, its not reason why I attend, I left a unit that got pissed all the time and all the trouble beer makes.

However the social can't be ignored as a method of building social bonds/team spirit, I always have one drink after drill nights, I think thats the social thing to do.

sparky, thats a bad example, the reason it got posted cause its actually a rare event in that sqn (these days anyway unless they stopped telling me the gossip)
Sorry Polar i will hang my head in shame, i spent 3 years with the TA and never saw any evidence of a swingers club although there certainly was plenty of fooling around, i will say no more. Perhaps if it is such a rare event in that unit then they shouldn't air their dirty laundry in public.

^ I think it's a very important factor on a weekend but not every weekend. We have some who are chomping at the bit come 1630 hrs on a satuday to get finished, 'cause they have a night on the tiles planned.
The social part helps team building does it not?

Some of the lads in our place are spot on and some of the funiest guys I've ever met, and I found that going to the bar after drill nights and weekends helped me find my feet in the place more so than the new lads who just went home....I found I got introduced to the "oldies" if you will, who are well in with other COY's from the likes of Manchester and other places and soon I knew most of the entire regiment, so it helps...

It's not the reason I turn up, but a big part of my enjoyment, just like regulars or normal people who look forward to a drink and relaxing with their mates, havin a giraffe...
When the bar opens and closes...

If people are only turning up for a drink then their PLT s'arnts need to have a whisper in their ears about attendance or their performance and if lads are training like they can't be arrsed and just looking forward to the bar then I'd imagine they'd get bored and just leave...
When you can't do your job effectively the next morning,this varies from people to people.

However social 'get togethers' out of TA time should be fully backed by Sqns IMHO.

It is most important for bonding and no I'm not on about swinging :D
My Plt Sgt first words at the end of my 1st drill night - 1st SOP drink at the bar, he didn't mean go for a big piss up he was just emphasising the importance of the social side at the end of a drill night. Even if its a soft drink I think that the drink in the bar after a drill night is a major thing as it allows us to bond as a unit and certainly helped me and my fellow recruits at the time gell a lot faster.
Its just like any quick drink at the end of the day with the lads from the office in civvy life really. That said I have seen life from 2 different units and the second one seems to be more inclined to turn every oppertunity into a piss up! I spent far more weekends wholly in the field with my previous lot rather then the current turn up on fri have a drink, bed down, get up train, endex around 5, more drinks, maybe sleep, bit of a test ex then away. It does seem to be a minority who take the piss however it seems the headshed turn a blind eye to them meaning anyone who wants to train or sleep so that they can train suffers.

It turns into a drinking club when it has to be an alcholic drink, when you start getting drinking games or when training is cut short in order to make time.

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