Being self-employed

Just wondering if anyone has had any problems with there employer, due to the fact they are self-employed?

I'm a contract CAD designer and so get paided for the hours i work only, but due to school holiday commitments and a number of important courses i need to attend for the TA in the next few months, it seems i may be heading for the chop, even though they dont pay me when i'm not at work, they dont like me having to much extra time away from the office due to work load

Has anybody else experienced this, and what did you do?

As a self emplyed CAD monkey myself, I would say that it's the nature of the beast. You have the job because you are easy to hire and fire. You can't have it both ways I'm afraid.

I'm in the same boat, but not a CAD monkey, however I'm in the process of joining so can't contribute to experience. However I think that it probably depends on job, my current one didn't like it when I went on holiday for 3 weeks becuase there was a deadline, however as I planned the holiday to run after the contract finished and they wanted to extend me they pretty much didn't have a leg to stand on.

All I can say is check the jobfront and tell them to stiff it, all my roles I go for I bring up the time issue, not for TA but becuase I have a training side buisness that pays almost twice as much as my bread and butter job, I make it clear that I need time to keep it going and so far so good

Quick question, when going for a new role do you mention the TA ? Is it a requirement that you do ? I have always assumed that being my own boss equals having to inform myself

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