Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by kezza005, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. I am female before anyone starts to worry! Im not a natural fittie but love running and doing PT but have been given a biff chit for 12 MONTHS! I want to carry on running but not sure what i should b doing, Amy doc told me to look on the tinternet mmmm helpfull.

    Are there any, well .....older serving females like myself in the same position or GTI's that have pregnant ladies on their PT lessons?
  2. That Radcliffe woman (she of the nodding head) seemed to be able to run fairly reasonably well into the pregnancy
  3. yeah, they say it improves your stamina and endurance too because it increases your pain threshold......its extreme training tho just to pass a PFT!
  4. don't run for the first 3 months until the egg has "set". Also the potential tiredness and hormones will wipe you out.
    keep any training regime sensible, as the body will naturally deplete your reserves first than any nourishment for the baby.

    get specialist advice from qualified fitness trainers in a local leisure centre that run pregnancy fitnesses classes. (Tidworth has a good set up and instructors)

    don't take baby weight as a personal insult/problem, it happens.

    Having observed the progress with Mrs SBP, i can safely say that any pre exisiting views you may have on rugrats, fitness, life not changing etc etc will change once you've popped your watermelon out. (unless you are posh spice of course.....)
  5. Thanks Mr SBP, hope you and Mrs SBP are enjoying it, personnaly im crapping myself about it all.

    Ive heard about the first 3 month things before, 7 weeks gone now and up untill a week ago i was on ex and doing pft's. Not to mention the drinking....
    will nip into Tidworth to see what they can do for me and all that talk about popping water melons makes me feel going for a lie down.
  6. You should get better advice from Army quack, poor show there. Have you been put in touch with a midwife/ in receipt of antenatal care, you should be?

    The doctor and midwife are the people to be talking to ref best forms of physical activity during pregnancy, any advice they give then take to your PTI and work out a decent phys programme.

    I had a a good pregnancy, as normal as they can get and upto 5 months was still taking part in PT lessons and passed a pft, all relevant staff were aware of my pregnancy. Round about 5 months my bump was becomming promanant and it didnt feel comfortable running so i didnt, however I kept my fitness up by swimming & cycling (ex bike) and did that right through.

    I'd take caution in taking up any fitness program without at least getting the nod from your midwife/quck.

    Good Luck.
  7. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Pilates and yoga can be done right up to the moment of 'popping' if you have the energy. Good instructors aare trained to tell you how to do the exercises safely, and which ones to avoid at which stages of pregnancy.
  8. Thanks everyone

    not seen a midwife yet but will in next couple of weeks. Glad there are women out there that have carried on being active, it seems some people are a bit old fashined and think that i should be sat on my arse for the next 7 months! :D
  9. my deareast bride kept going to the gym 3-4 times a week until about 6 weeks before the pea shelling exercise "stands by for incoming"

    She used the stepping,climbing machines instead of treadmill and her body told her when situps were to stop (no point when the bump allows you a 2" raise).

    The upside of this is she didn't put lard on during pregancy and it got her out the house in the evnings allowing me to lay on the couch watching porn...
  10. are you RLC? Aparently RLC foetus's can withstand assualt courses.
  11. :D
  12. RLC !!! im not a lesbian you know
    (absolutley no offence meant to RLC girls but you have to admit there are 1 or 2)
  13. Certainly later on in the bumpage, swimming is a good 'un because you feel more weightless and it eases any back pain......although heaving your bulk OUT of the pool can be entertaining for bored onlookers :D
  14. i have trouble getting out now!