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Being permanently aroused is torture!


Book Reviewer
Could anybody else link us to random bollocks from the Daily Mail. I just cannot get enough of random bollocks from the Daily Mail. I touch myself. Down there. Then I call Nurse because me make mess on jim-jams. Ah, random bollocks from the Daily Mail. It is rapture to me.

Some of the above statement is a complete lie. Sorry.
All that hair, just the thing to hang on to as you ride yet another of her moments.
Mind you it could get a bit boaring after a while? She's getting her rocks off day and night and you want a night in front of the footer.
"But she admits she has not been able to have a steady relationship - because men take advantage"

Who would do such a thing ? Take advantage of a fox piss spraying Gibsons - me with my reputation.....

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