Being permanently aroused is torture!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Queensman, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. Lucky she has a mobile.No man would go anywhere near it.
  2. She's got some fucking hampsteads, i'll say that for her;

  3. Fussy fucker!
    I'd rattle it sensless :)
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  4. Queer!
  5. She must fucking stink.
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  6. Hence "Queensman".

    Yo the tunnel or the train?
  7. I have a bulldog clip.
  8. And????? Fuck me I'm on a queers only forum!
  9. Wonder if it gives her a similar ache in her groin to what you get in your cock after several shags/wanks in one day.
  10. It would be like fucking the dog from the Magic Roundabout with that hair.
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  11. 372_m.jpg

    Bit harsh calling her a dog!
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  12. I am the same whenever i sneeze, what am i taking for it? pepper of course.
  13. Marry her, it stops eevery other woman enjoying sex.
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  14. And others of your ilk want to marry? I can see Grinder being jammed by spouses!