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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ugly, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    What with Carol Thatcher and the PC brigade I was stung into wondering if the legislation regarding behaviour likely to cause offense and the double standards applied in life regarding personal political views and graffiti.
    I had to deploy the cleaners as someone reported the writing of BNP on a structure at work as offensive and racist graffiti.
    Now how can one persons view be accepted as the definitive answer. I discussed this with my clerk of works and he agreed its political not racist. Now he is a Sihk and as so called minorities go they seem to be the least upset by "offensive" remarks etc. I have noticed that its not the queens or non whites in the office that complain when near the knuckle comments are made but the white old women who weild the PC dagger!
    How did we allow this to happen? Yes I agree that you are unlikely to see "Love thy neighbour" on UK Gold but to go completely the other way just seems insane!
  2. It is a recognised medical condition (must be because I read it on Arrse) ;) it goes under the name "Shocked/Offended by proxy".

    It's a bit like the tree huggers and watermelons - the majority of whom tend to be townies (or those that move from town to country then moan about the lack of necessary facilites - cinema's, nightclubs, supermarkets etc.)
  3. It's a growing "self-centredness" causing the problem (if it can be called that). I suppose it's understandable, given that populations have been almost entirely disenfranchised by their respective gobments, so that folks have the feeling that the only people they can rely on are themselves. It helps those who don't want to recognise their own insignificance in the grand scheme of things. It gives them the feeling that they're, in some way, important. They’re not actually worried if they get up others folks’ noses, as long as they get themselves some "air-time", some attention, however fleeting.

    It also manifests itself in the ever-increasing use of "self-reference". Whether it's a shop assistant saying: "Just enter your PIN-code for me, please", or a security wallah saying: "I need you to go around the other way". For you? You need? All a bit pathetic, admittedly, but it's quite insidious and most folks just take it on board subliminally, but all they're actually doing is using their position to raise their personal importance.

    With no change in the way society's being run, I doubt very much whether we'll be back to "normal service" anytime soon, though. Shame really.

  4. The B****ds are complaining about the Church bells in our village. They also complained about the Cockerels and the gas guns used for scaring pigeons. The local Copper, who has to listen to these rants, suggested we should get some more bird scarers and move them nearer to the houses...
  5. Just what would these incredibly sensitive folks have done if they'd been in the British Army in the 60s and 70s? The abuse we were subjected to was just accepted as part and parcel of the whole package. It was never taken that seriously.

    Not that we were battered to fück or anything, but I well remember one PTI in basic training screaming at me: "Get your fückin' arrse over that wall, you fückin' stupid Paddy twät!"

    The same PTI was once confronted by Alec M******h, who said that he was going to report being called "a gormless Jock pillock". Said PTI simply slammed Alec in the chops, adding: "Report that as well, while you're at it". No report was every made.

    Happy days indeed. :D :D :D

  6. This being 'offended' business is a way for weak people to gain power over people whose class/skin colour/accent has had power in society for hundreds of years.

    If you say something racist (like calling the PM Scottish; check the comments in The Scotsman website if you don't believe me) you are required to make a grovelling apology, in public, to any tw@t who says he's been offended. In this way, weak people can exercise power over anyone confident enough to express an opinion.

    It's so much cleverer than setting up a secret police force; over time, you get the state broadcaster and half of polite society to police the rest of the population. Cheaper than sending them to the Gulags, too. Just make it impossible for them to make a living at their chosen profession, and if they're really really sorry, maybe they'll be allowed to get a job at Tescos.

    I'll stop now, because I'm drunk, and getting cross.
  7. It's all rather counter-productive, IMO. All it's doing is breeding a reaction in the kind of pillock who insists on his right to call people nignogs.

    We didn't have PC when I was growing up, just good manners and a well-deserved clip round the lugs if we didn't practice them. I can't see how we benefit from either the initial indignance or the subsequent rudeness.
  8. A one eyed scotish idiot, is a discription, not an insult
  9. According to that shining beacon of objectivity and justice, the Daily Mail, a new 'secret police' has been set up to monitor 'domestic extremists'.

    I bet they have Arrse bookmarked.

    Seriously, though. I remember a long discussion on the issue of 'offence' with a black friend of mine in 1996. Her view was that laws should be brought in to make causing offence an offence. I asked, should I be prosecuted for calling an obese person a 'fat cnut'. "Of course", was her response.

    Control over the money supply, the food supply, and what constitutes proper thought and speech are all necessary for an elite to control the majority, particularly in a centralised political and economic system.
  10. It would have been totally unforgivable if Mr Clarkson had called the PM a "one-eyed British idiot" - that's more insulting!

    Calling Africans, Asians or Carribeans "Black" is actually wrong - they are not Black, they are brown.

    Using the term "Fat" for someone who is obese is, however, accurate.

    Using the term "One-eyed" for someone who is blind in one eye, while not totally accurate, is true.

    Using the term "Scottish" for someone born north of the border is indisputable.

    Using the term "Idiot" for a person that has earned the amount of distrust that the Public feels for the PM is fair.

    What has Clarkson had to apologise for?

    A Golliwog is a toy loved by many children in the past, if Ms Thatcher had desribed the person as looking like a Bushy Haired member of the Black and White Minstrel show - would that have been better?

    A few months ago a teacher in the Middle East was censured for allowing the children in her care to call a well loved teddy bear "Mohhammed" - a name shared by many of the family members of the students - Why was there a problem???

    I'm a FAT, FOUR-EYED, ARTHRITIC, WHITE BRIT and I'm proud of it!
  11. I blame Mary Whitehouse she started it all.

    A SPade is a SPade is a SPade unless it is actually a shovel :oops:
  12. I blame all of this PC bullsheet and every criminal shouting "human rights" on Tony Blair. He started giving everybody rights back in 1994 after he became Prime Minister but never actually stopped to see what effect this was having on this country.
  13. Sadly the "PC Brigade" have loast too many of the life skills that we all learned. The most important one being:

    "Engage Brain - Before Opening Mouth."

    Their ability to apply common sense has all but dwindled as they are too sucked up in the Public Outrage Feeding Frenzy.

    Like The Jonathon Ross incident where about 2 people who actually saw the show complained and the rest came from Knee-Jerk whinging Feckers as a default reaction.

    Sadly 95% of these idiots are only willing/able to complain from their arm chairs as they idea of actually confronting someone on something they genuinely think needs challenging reminds them of the days in school when they used to get spat at and get their pens stolen and they would bottle it. They expect other people with more stones to do the confronting on their behalf.

    This whole nation has become weak. The ones doing the complaining and those being complained about. Everyone needs to grow a set (Stands by for complaint) and accept that Sticks and Stones may break bones but words will only Bore you!
  14. What a fcuking great PM he was. He was giving us rights 3 years before he took office!
  15. I certainly agree with you about "Love Thy Neighbour" not because of its content but because of the crap writing and acting. :wink: