Being nasty to squirrels

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by crabby, May 4, 2009.

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  1. A couple of grey squirrels are causing havoc in my back garden. They're growing incredibly fat off bird food (which I won't stop putting out) and are digging up bulbs/flowers/everything and carrying them into next door's garden and burying them (little fatherlessess!).
    All conventional techniques have failed - nothing is truly squirrel proof and the cats are too fat/old/lazy/deaf/arthritic to be a deterrent.
    So - if I want to nail Mr and Mrs Squirrel straight between the eyes with something fast moving and made of metal - how do I go about it?
    Air rifle? If so, which one? Budget maybe... £200 all in. Ability to deal with pestering pidgeons in back garden would be bonus.
    What calibre? What pellet/round?
    My back garden does not back on to a road and I would use an appropriate back stop against the fence (5mm plywood enough) despite always firing so pellet/round would continue into soil. Yet there is the road that runs by the house - how does this influence legality?
    Finally, disposal - I'm not someone who's going to have a recipe for squirrel, nor want one. Do they go in a normal rubbish bn? Composter? Dig a hole in the ground?
  2. Not sure what you will get for £200. I would go for 22 and use RWS Hollow point or superdome. They are stoppers and when you hit a pigeon it looks as if they blow up. Depending on the range you may need a telescopic sight. I have one and almost daily take out crows at 35m
  3. Regarding disposal, the dead rat from the floor of my daughter's outside lavatory was just put in the wheelie bin (not recycling), on the instructions of the vermin man from the Council.

    In this case, the rat had been travelling beween the sewer and the outside toilet via a water closet (devoid of water) prior to the placing of 2 little dishes of green poison on the floor.

    We had to tell my 4 year old daughter that the rat had died of natural causes, because she said she wished to write to the rat's wife informing her of his demise.
  4. Had considered this. The range is never more than about 10-15m. I saw one air rifle, 11J energy for £170.

    A decent enough scope seems to be £50-£60 on top of that.

    I would want to be accurate, as not going to cause suffering if I don't have to by removing a front paw with dodgy shooting or something! I have used iron sights in the past (l85 and others) with reasonable accuracy, but have also used the SUSAT and know the added benefit of something with x4 magnification.
  5. What about making a trap ? much cheaper
  6. Used to have one of those SMK rifles, not bad for the money did the job, i'm sure you can get them for cheaper than £170 tho, if you can get hold of a decent second hand BSA lightning,
  7. Hi Crabby,
    Try this, put some soft boiled small new spuds out with a couple of strong painkillers pushed into them when the spuds are softened and when taken the wee fcukers will be having a very long long sleep,wink wink, this also works on other slightly larger creatures [ no, not the wife] :D
  8. They are simply "rats with cosmetic enhancements", as such they need to be (in best Dr. Strangelove voice) "SLAUUUUUUGHTERED"!
    I once used a .577 Enfield Rifle musket on one. Top result. It landed in three separate time zones. (Caughtion this will put divets in your lawn!)
    One of those high powered sling shots (with the fore arm rest) a tasty too. The look of "surprise" on their Chevy Chases' is most amusing thing to behold.
    Rat poison is useful, with the added benefit, that they are more stupid than rats and will scoff the lot, along with the bird feed bait, before they peg out.

  9. Release,? fcuk that boyo, slot the wee fckuers, can't abide these lovers that buy friendly mouse traps an things and let them go only to have them back again, and anyway, you can make a trap like the one you are referring to for a fiver, the small spuds don't cost much at all and nearly everyone has a few p/killers knocking about, no offence.
  10. No offence taken matey - fcuk me, did you work for The Westies? :lol:
  11. Ha ha, no Josey, thought that was funny though, had some trouble a while back with some " other Creatures" and an old farmer let me into that wee secret, and it works too. site's slow tonite though.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Smack them in the face with an air rifle slug. The best answer every time, apart from using a shotgun of course.

    Get yerserlf a reasonable secondhand BSA, Weihrauch or suchlike if you are looking to shoot to a budget. Do, do try and get one into the nugget though - they've got a surprising habit of continuing despite being weighed down with lead if you don't hit them in a sweet spot.
  13. I’m afraid that is against the law as the cuddly little things are not indigenous to this country. You must kill it if captured.