Being mean to old people

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SkiCarver, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Its official, I'm a complete wnaker.

    I just shopped an old duffer to the filth for driving while being barely aware of what he is doing! there he is, not turning left out of a t-junction because there are cars on the other side of the road, and mean old me was making a mental note of his number plate to dob him in.

    (there was more evidence but it's a boring story)

    note to self, don't tell grandad.

    Anyone got any stories about being mean to crumblies for their own good? (or, perhaps, just for your amusement!)
  2. If its for their own good I have none.

    Other than that I have a series of stories about harming the elderly....... Especially Chelsea Pensioners.
  3. i sometimes dig up and shag the odd granny in the graveyards but apart from that i respect the elderly.
  4. was honking down the autobahn last week in my renault formula 1 like mode :D

    then I got slowed down by grandad doing 100kmh in the outside lane - 3 lane autobahn - after flashing him a few times he eventually moved over and as I blasted past the cheeky old fcuker gave me the bird :)

    I was in a hurry the beers were waiting :D stupid old codger
  5. If you can't drive at least 35mph in a 40mph zone,you should be gassed. You'd see care homes and council properties empty overnight.
  6. "I dont want to hit you, but its the only way you will learn grandad!"
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Nope, can't think of any. Most old fuddy-duddies have been and done pretty much everything we yet have to, and have really been around the block, for that, I totally respect them; up unitl the point where the sh!t and p1ss themselves and forget things - then I empty their bank accounts, re-write their wills and put stuff in their tea that hastens my enrichment.
  8. I read the first couple of sentences and thought "you werthers scoffing nonce"

    Then I read on,and now I'd like to exchange tips and talk tactics. And besides which,it's not like they're going to miss the money is it? most of them don't even know what day of the week it is,let alone how much they're hoarding in their bank account.

    editid 4 spellin+gramma+4matin.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Fair play - I'm glad you witheld judgement 8O

    In terms of tactics, the old cnuts without immediate families are easy pickings, but you have to get in there before the nursin home does - they are past masters at robbing the old and frail (and then killing them off to make room for the next ones in).

    If they HAVE got families, kill them first. :twisted:
  10. What really gets up my nose is the influx of foreign care home workers. If old people are going to have their bank accounts emptied,and their personal possessions pawned,then it should be British people doing the thieving.
  11. Of course, you could just go for the easy option and have a quick shufty round the house for old shoe boxes stuffed with fifty notes. The earliest symptom of Alzheimers' known to medical science is that you wake up one morning and go, "Banks. Robbing bastards the lot of 'em. I'm sticking my savings in a sock under the mattress."

    And of course, you also get a free sock!
  12. Had an elderly woman push to the front of a queue I was in and obviously thought no one would say anything to her.

    I glared at the back of her head and started to steam after about twenty seconds I couldn't let it go.

    I then very calmly said " I don't mind if you push in front as you have less time left on the planet than me."

    Lots of sniggering from the others in the queue and death stares from the old bint.
  13. Something needs to be done

  14. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Try it over here ... the old "Cauliflower Heads" potter along at 20 mph, well into their 90s, and have specially modified cars where the steering wheel is automatically connected to the brakes.

    Don't do anything about it, please ... I'm getting there myself 8)
  15. Blue,

    its not so bad where you are. travel in any direction for more than a couple of minutes at 20mph and your going to get wet!!