Being kicked out for allergies

I quit my job of 3 years, rented out my house and moved down to Sandhurst in May. I however was booted out after a week for having a peanut allergy (which I disclosed at all my pre sandhurst medicals)... I am now left jobless, and without a permanent residence, not to mention all the time and effort that went into preparing and getting to Sandhurst.

Does anyone know (1) if a peanut allergy means the armed forces are a complete no option (2) if I should be entitled to any compensation?



Feck me. You AND Bradley from Eastenders. He is the middle of a fit now..................
Kicked out for allergies? That's not to be sneezed at...
Does anyone know (1) if a peanut allergy means the armed forces are a complete no option
Yes especially if we go to war with Brazil
Is there a kernel of truth in this thread?
You didn't serve long enough to be awarded anything more than peanuts, which won't be much use to you...

Still, if you can shell out for a brief, why not?
Don't try and make a monkey out of Ojjou chaps...
The army didn't break you, they don't have to fix you.
The automatic assumption that if something unfortunate happens someone should have to pay, even if it isn't their fault, pisses me off.

A joke is required? Umm, something about trying to cashew in maybe?


Not compensation culture but more the fact that he feels let down as he made the factory aware of his problem prior to joining and upon receipt of his job offer he cut all outside ties. He is now without the support that he would have had if that problem was undetected until later. I believe you can get some help as you disclosed everything to your new employers. If they choose to dump you, under employment law you are entitled to some recompense as in severance/redundancy etc. Their fault for missing the medical condition. They shouldnt have offered him the job!
You would probably only get a few weeks money in comp but it may help. I suggets you go to CAB and get assistance!
The cynic in me might suggest that if push comes to shove there would be precious little evidence that they were aware of the problem prior to enlistment. The super cynic might even suggest that your med docs might get lost in the near future.
It's all down to the "old boys" net........many a guy serving today has a medical problem.......when you join up many guys see a GP.......then in the army you have a medicaly qualified person a (DR)...who is not qualified as a here is were the problem is.....this is a good thread for (RAMC) GP trainers to coment....

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