Being Issued Multicam

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cup_of_Tea, Oct 31, 2010.

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  1. I've heard all the talk of mulicam but is anyone actually getting issued this? Are you on Ops? or are you in basic training? I saw a member of the Royal Reg of Scotland cutting around in it at Edinburgh train station a few weeks ago, but he was gone before I could talk to him.
    Just curious really.

  2. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    No we aren't getting Multicam we are getting MTP (multi terrain pattern) a Multicam/DPM hybrid. Only issue for those on tour in Afghanistan at the moment. Forces wide rollout begins next year.

    BTW the website has loads of threads on this already take a look at PECOC and also on Arrsepedia.
  3. As said really... MTP (or MC) for OPS & DPM for the near future for everything else.

    OR HAVE BOTH... ;) as we are working on some specific requests at the moment.
  4. Over 100 MTP items on ebay now .............. common as muck, so passe dahrlink.

    Does look good In-Theatre though. (As opposed to in a theatre near you).

    Would my wanting a daysack cover in MTP make me an MTP Walt ?

  5. If your worried about looking like a Walt you probably are
  6. 2 Scots(RHF) Home headquarters is sporting a mannequin in MTP. Looks smart
  7. I didn't say i wanted to wear it whilst wearing an SAS beret and Victoria cross with three bars FFS. I just want to smear it with baby oil and rub it over my very small private parts. Surely that can't be walting ?
  8. I'd be worried about trying to "wear" a bergen cover!!!!! not about being a walt! We do make reversible ones though, so at least you wouldn't be seen "walting" in any environment!!!
  9. I have a hump like Quasimodo and the bergan cover would be useful for covering that (people would think i had a bergan under it) but as I said, not planning to wear it - only to soil it !! :)
  10. Well due to its properties, at least it would be easy to clean!