Being Introverted and Geeky

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Your_Mums_Pal, Feb 7, 2011.

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  1. Eh, this is probably destined for the ring of fire but throw your opinion up anyway.

    Anybody noticed how pop culture is shifting over to the whole specky, geeky, suit-wearing weirdo culture thing at the moment? Any of you got weans who want glasses and are wearing tweed suits out to parties or listening to music that just has some daft lassy singing in a soft voice about picking apples? Is my point getting through?

    How come it's popular and trendy now to be a specky geek who listens to shite accoustic music? Who are these two prats in the old music shop advertising or whatever "I like old movies" "like the Godfather 3" (showing that you know fuck all about old movies but think you're cool cos your pals don't watch old movies) and all the other crap. Him off the X Factor wears glasses with no lenses, people are cutting about in naff little suits and blergh.

    When I was young, I got my cnut kicked in for trying to be like this. Now you get your cnut kicked in if you're not like this.

    I think I may be overreacting...
  2. I maybe wrong here but I think that, when you were young, your cunt should have been kicked harder.

    Much, much harder.
  3. I hate everything the kids wear nowadays. I'm not even that old, makes me feel it though!
  4. hardly, none of the twats you describe could kick through a wet paper bag.
  5. Introverted and Geeky? No. Just No. You have got this wrong. you are looking the wrong way and watching the wrong things and giving them credibility by speaking of them.

    Now, take it from me that a decent up and comming band that is certainly not geeky or introverted is called Missing Andy. They are far from geeky or introverted, I've known them from their skinhead days before they cleaned things up a bit for mainstream telly.

    I won't simply give you a link, I expect YOU to go and search for them. It's part of your therapy, something to straighten you out. Now go and do it, it's that or a Kunt kicking...
  6. I thought we all play synth
  7. Just a bunch of Mockney twats with a token black. Immitation music for the immitation humans of the UAF.
  8. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Na, Na, Na Na Naaahhhh
  9. They're an originals band, nothing imitation...
  10. This thread should be disregarded.

    I'm quitting smoking, this is day two and everything annoys me. Specifically those two cnuts on that advert on telly wearing suits and being geeky and singing about bloody old movies and yada yada.

    I'm now at work, I've had a cup of coffee and I feel better. Ignore this shit...
  11. 40C, thanks for making me laugh like a mong.

    YMP, in response to your first post, back in the days of punk, before the New Romantics had even bought their eyeliner, I read a dit that prophesied that 'Squire Rock' would be the next big thing (as some sort of antithesis of punk). They were wrong, but only by thirty years, as the description of the 'Squire Rockers' fits the cunts you describe. As for your last post, fuck off, you loser.
  12. I can recommend acupuncture for the smoking, but it won't cure you of kids, I'm afraid. Here's some geek music to twitch around the office to; YouTube - Pet Shop Boys - Love etc.
  13. Good luck YMP. As of 06:30 I have gone 4 weeks without a cigarette. I don`t know how you manage to drink coffee, that`s one thing guaranteed to make me start gasping for nicotine.
  14. Ain't that the truth, I've got two thanks to a little prick...