Being in the TA and Lorry/Bus provisional driving entitlements

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fairygothmother, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. I'm trying to sort out provisional lorry/bus entitlements on my license, via DVLA form D2. There are boxes to tick indicating membership of the armed forces, including one for "Part time". Leaflet INF2D says that this means I can NOT apply for C+1, C1+E, D+E or D1+E, i.e. I can NOT get a trailer/articulated lorry provisional entitlement.

    If I quit the TA tomorrow, I can apply for all the +E entitlements.

    I spoke to a lady at the DVLA who confirmed that her interpretation of the rules is the same as mine. There does not appear to be any special exemption/additional categories that I gain from being in the TA. (E.g. I still need to do a medical, which is what I'd expected)

    So: Is there a reason that being in the TA is limiting my driving license? Why on earth would anyone want to tick these boxes as I can't see how the DVLA would find out or why they'd care.
  2. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    There shouldn't be anything limiting your application for provisional licences. The 'Military' box is to allow you to apply for more if you are normally underage, the military has an exemption on age for certain vehicles (think it drops for 21 to 18 for C and C+E).

    I applied for C provisional via the TA and got the full licecnce after doing a TA course.

    Just looked at the Leaflet you mention and you are miss reading it.

    The 'normal' provisional licence application means you must have the previous licence class at full (i.e. to apply for C+E provisional you must have C full licence). The 'Full time' military exemption gives them the right to get all classess at provisional in one hit (because they rattle through the courses very fast) the Part Time one allows you to apply for C, C1 etc but not the "+ E" provisional until you have the full C licence, but will exempt you from the age limit on C licences.

    Or at least that is my understanding of it. (usual - I'm not a lawyer, this is not advice caveate)

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  3. Don't tick "part-time". If anyone queries it, you're "casual".
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  4. Correct / agreed. (I am a C+E driver).
  5. Thanks, Sympathetic_Reaction and NowIC - if only the lady at the DVLA could have told me that!
  6. TBH they're usually pretty good, but I suppose human.
  7. Just received a reply in writing from the DVLA which seems more likely to be true, given the way the leaflet is written:

    "From Monday 2 June 2003 the need to submit a medical report form D4 was waived for vocational applications. The military ID checking and medical examination procedures are at least equal to those required by DVLA. Single applications must be accompanied with an authorised signatory/stamp confirming the ID and medical fitness have been checked. Part time military drivers must have a full category B driving licence and may only apply for categories C, C1, D and D1."
  8. ^Are you/they missing 'if aged below ???'

    I see they are saying you need to hold a B before you apply for a C. So I presume you can apply for a C+E once you've got C
  9. They didn't mention age. (Presumably because they knew it was irrelevant in my case)

    MT are now saying I DO need a medical but not until I'm about to take the practical test. I'm just going to send them my stuff and let them figure it out.
  10. When my unit put me through my Cat C, I applied as Mr System-Switch, not 2746586957463 Gunner System-Switch. My RMTO told me this was easier both for me and the unit. Don't know why but there you go.
  11. I would guess that unless you are a regular (with the ability to get your app stamped) you will need a medical (and it needs to go with the app!!!!).
  12. I did my Cat C at RLC TA HQ at Grantham in November last year. I had to get the provisional form and have a medical before I was issued my provisional Cat C licence. Once that was issued by DVLA I had to sit a Hazard perception test and a theory test for drivers of large vehicles, if you don't have a pass certificate for these two you cannot sit the practical test. Only when I had all these did my Psi put me on the course.
    On day one of the course they will check your documents to make sure you have the correct ones, and also make sure your two parts of your driving licence match, if they don't you will be RTU'd. Three days of driving with the test on the fourth day, if you fail you have two more attempts.
  13. I recall ticking the box for provisional PSV licence at the same time so I didn't have to do it later.
  14. I used to have a problem deploying on a friday night due to my professional drivers not having hours to drive, so it is not always an advantage to the unit having qualified drivers.

    Rant over