Being ill before training ???

Hi everyone im starting my training on sunday and over the past couple of weeks iv been mega ill, its cleared up now and iv just been for a 1.5 mile run to see how much my fitness has dropped. Im now shitting it as its almost a minute slower at 11:35 , it wouldnt take long for me to get it back down but i deffo cant drop a minute in 6 days. will they send me home if its over 11 mins ? I can imagine the instructors not believing me. Im absolutely gutted as iv been out every day for months .
Chill Winston.. :)

Unless youve been on your back with pleurisy for a month you'll be ok..

Plenty of grub, plenty of water and sleep and stay off the lash, when your through the gate you will probably find yourself pushing a bit harder than you would anyway, phys is significantly more fun when there are 30 other pairs of boots crashing about around you

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