being idiotic :( :)

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by aradia, Dec 1, 2011.

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  1. just for a bit of advice.

    my friends believe my reflexes are not fast enough and so they are trying to get me to speed them up, and they believe the only way to do this is to have sparring matches at college during lunch in the common room. i am usually faster than them and avoid any injuries however i was not up to my usual standard a couple of days ago and my friend managed to hit me in the diaphragm bruising two ribs. it has really messed up my training schedule and i was wondering if anyone could actually recommend some exercises i could do even while i'm in this state, anything would be great.
    i know i won't be play fighting with my cousin over this weekend when i go to his as i usually do on the rare occasions we meet up as it helps us both. i've learnt my lesson for the time being. :eye:
    many thanks
  2. Since there is no "reflex test" in the Army, why bother?

    It sounds like a gash excuse for your friend to beat you up.
  3. Try slitting your throat.
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  4. more than likely if he was like that and i know there is no "reflex test" in the army, i just like to have fast reflexes and that was my friends who have gotten me into increasing the speed of my reflexes as they help me with my training so they include everything in it. tell you summat though he has got a powerful punch even for a rugby player :)
  5. charming
  6. you sound like an Andrex labrador puppy , who got tangeled up in the bog roll and fell into the toilet , bruising his soft pink testicles..

    anyway normal human beings dont have diaphragms.. speakers on a hi fi do though.
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  7. diaphragm/ ribcage same thing
  8. You and your friends are ******* idiots. Seriously.
  9. you got that right :) considering i'm only a small girl and they are all 6 foot odd i would call us idiots
  10. I take it back. You're an idiot and they're *****.
  11. So being punched in the abdomen improves your reflexes? Have you let the scientific and medical community know of your great discovery?
  12. i don't mind being called an idiot, nd they're not so bad, it's all fun in the end
  13. no it is because i wasn't up to my usual speed and they ended up making contact which is unusual for them
  14. It honestly isn't. You must be at Med School.

    And a complete cretin.
  15. Are your family and friends rednecks ? Will you be going squirrel hunting to stock the freezer up for the festive season as well ?