Being Headhunted.

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Issi, May 29, 2010.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Can I ask for some advice regarding moving jobs?

    I'm a Building Surveyor (not Chartered) and I work for a very small company mostly carrying out domestic surveys for Insurance claims.

    I was approached last night at a local do, by a chap who is a Director of one of the biggest Surveying companies in the UK, I've known him vaguely for years as he was in my older brothers year in school.

    Anyway, he asked me if I was still Building Surveying, as he was looking for a new Building Surveyor to join his company, he's given me his card and asked me to phone him on Tuesday to discuss a possible position in his firm.

    I mentioned that I was not RICS qualified and he stated that they would be able to sort this out as he employs RICS assessors within his team.

    My query is - Do I go for it and give him a call with the possibility of being offered a job in a very prestigous company or do I just forget about and continue trundling along nicely with my present firm.
    My main concern is that he'd had a couple of pints and I don't want to get my hopes up for Tuesday to find that e'd forgotten that we even had the conversation.

    Any thoughts?
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Give him a ring
    If he says he was pissed and can't remember then you are no worse off
    If he offers you a position you can always knock him back
    At least you'll know it's better than wondering what if and you'l be no worse off
  3. It's a good opportunity to talk your way into a large pay rise and other perks, if you get too cheeky you've not lost anything because you still have your job.
  4. You only live once mate. Give it a whirl, you've nowt to lose. Best of luck with it.
  5. No, stay where you are - it may be dull but it is safe - no-one ever profits out of taking chances. How do you think we end up with Veng and LEs in the Army
  6. You were approached by "Director of one of the biggest Surveying companies in the UK, " who gave you his card and offered you a job interview and you are worried he might have been to p1ssed to remember?

    Unless he was totally off his head I doubt very much is he has forgotten, he might regret doing it in the morning but your should be used to that :)

    Give the guy a call.

    Never regret the things you do only those that you failed to do.
  7. Give the guy a call - what is the worst that can happen? As said earlier, he may take a moment to recall. Meet for a coffee and a chat, see what he says, look at the pros and cons and take it from there.
    Best of luck, let us know how you get on.
  8. Christ!! man or mouse?

    Its a no lose long as you don't bang you current boss out on tuesday morning before flouncing out....
  9. Have you manned up and called him then?
  10. Better to try and fail than fail to try.
  11. The job offer is probably a thinly concealed ruse, aimed at getting you alone somewhere where he can
    "assess your Ricker" potential and offer you a series of positions, all more humiliating than the last...

    Or possibly, with the building industry experiencing a few feeble green shoots, he is looking to recruit and sees somebody he knows - however tangentially - as a good starter for ten...have you asked your big bruv if he played you in on this one?
  12. So...has he called him yet??
  13. Had that happen twice to me..first time I got a new job with a large pay rise..second time the chap apologised and said that actually, there was not a job there, but keep in touch.

    Go along, see what he has to say and offer, and take it from there :)
  14. I'm concerned you intended to prefix the above statement with "Proword No Wah"

    to Issi;
    Go for it. If you are reasonably senior, then you should be checking your market value on a regular basis. 2 reasons to look at this: 1. the job might pay more or be more interesting, 2. Concern over losing you might make your current company sit up and either; pay you more, put you through the RICS training (any time bar on leaving is tricky in civvy world), or make the job more interesting.

    If they get the hump with you, then its a good sign you need to move on to a better employer.

    Best time to get a pay rise is when you join a company, not when you are in it
  15. Issi, did you call the guy back? I certainly would have. I would also look at getting your MRICS accreditation. I know it is a pain in the arrse with the extra study, proving CPD etc but it can open up a lot of career opportunites.