Being Gay in The Old Days-Consequences


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3 para mortars must be hiding under their beds.
This was in the wail last week and the same article had a quote from Manchester plod saying that they will review it as they realised they had messed up
3 para mortars must be hiding under their beds.
It's not gay if it's a punishment or done for 'a laugh'. By the avoidance of licking your lips one has always been able to avoid prosecution. Like only raping ugly kids.
Read the article last week or so. There was more to the story.

He wasn't just done under the army rules at the time. Which was that being homosexual was banned, being caught meant discharge (like being preggers).

But because his partner was under 21 (the legal age for gay sex in them days) he was done for some sort of sexual assault charge too. He was under 21 too mind.

I think it was this latter charge which triggered the DNA test. It's likely he was just on a list, with out specific details of the circumstances being held.

I doubt anybody asked for DNA had their case minutely inspected to see if it worth their whle asking for DNA. Could the old boy have had his sheet 'cleaned' to remove these convictions?
He was a nonce, a gay kiddy fiddler to be concise.

The law has changed since then but that is what he was done for, good job Arrse wasn't about or else he would have been castrated, hung, burnt alive, chopped into little bits, given to the parents to maim, well you get the idea.

Of course now he is just another law abiding member of our vibrant, non-prejudical, inclusive society and the cops should leave him alone.


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A rooky PC straight out of Hendon would know that there is absolutely no legal basis for requiring a retrospective sample of DNA. It was a try-on. Pure and simple.
if that hadn't worked they woudl probably have fallen back on the one size fits anything anti terror laws
Is the upset about the laws because of the law or because one bloke that is not really a criminal was caught up in it?

Most of the outrage about this case on the t'interweb revolves around this chap, not many demanding that nonces and rapists are not DNAd.
not many demanding that nonces and rapists are not DNAd.
At some point, a law came in that entitled the police to take DNA when they arrested someone. It didn't apply to cases before the law was passed. And now someone's passed a law that entitles them to take DNA from people arrested/convicted before that time.

The principle has now been established (and of course, lets start with the nonces 'cos nobody gives a shit about their rights anyway) that laws may be passed retrospectively. If you think that's nothing to worry about I suggest you think again.

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