being gay in the army

yeah its allowed, the army can't refuse anyone employment because of their sexuality, but if i were him i wouldn't go announcing it until he was offered a job as the recruiters may not be as helpful as they could be!
Rumours-My-Arrse said:
A friend? Come on sweet pea, open the door and step in to the light 8)
lol oh yeah didn't realise, aww poor thing.


No one is interested in what hole he likes to stick his twiglet in.
Being a shite stabbing shirt lifter is only a problem if he makes a big deal out of it.
NO problems at all. Tell your 'friend' that 3 Paras Mortars have a very positive recruitment towards homos.. I mean gay people.
Its accepted now, although I've never heard about any blokes being openly gay. Tell him to join the Navy, they will be more than happy to accomodate him - if you're not gay when you join, you are by the time you leave! :twisted:
gothpanda said:
lol na not me i like gurls.
He says in a deep voice :D
Being rugged outdoor types they are into camping and like nothing better than having a hot tube to play with. You should fit in well. :roll:
It's OK now & encouraged, this is colleagues of ours in the Navy on Gay Pride !


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