Being forced to change trades in the Navy

Before I start - the reason I haven't put this on Rum Ration is because for some reason that site won't let me join. If anyone who's a member could open up link it, that would be a big help.

My little sister is looking at being back squadded (or back classed as she calls it) due to the fact that she has some cuts on her shins which have become infected and are not rexponding to antibiotics.

That's fair enough. However, yesterday she was told that as she'll miss the dates for her Phase 2 training, she will have to change trades as well. This sounds ridiculous especially as she waited over a year for a vacancy.

Can they force her to change trades?


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1 How is the Rum Ration site responding when you try to register?

2 What trade is your sister being moved from and to?

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