being fobbed off with my retrade to ammo tech! please help

Discussion in 'RLC' started by pady, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. afternoon all. please help if ya can

    basically ive been in since febuary, and now in 12lsr down in abingdon. when i first joined i was down as an as90 gunner in basic. upon my phase 2 vist i decided i wanted to become an ammo tech. during the transfer in phase one i was informed that the ammo tech selection board was not looking at new at candidates until the middle of june. this meant that i transfered to the rlc as a comm spec so once i got to phase two training i would already be in the rlc which would make the re-trade to ammo tech easier. upon starting my phase two i made my troopy aware of my transfer in which i was told that i could not do it because of my lack of a science gcse, even though i have my maths and a BARB test score of 64. i believed my troopy was wrong, so I went to see leconsfields RCMO, who rang an officer up in glasgow who delt with all ammo tech trainees, she told the RCMO to sort out the paperwork and get me on the next ammo tech selection. my troopy then said it was sorted and the paperwork was going through. after weeks of asking my troopy what was going, on only to be told that the paper work was still up in glasgow. this lead up to the date of me finishing my training at leconsfield which meant i had to go to a working unit(12 lsr). im now down at 12lsr and have been fobbed off again meaning i have to do my comm spec course next week, meaning i'll be on a trade ban for 3 years!

    i know ive rabelled on a bit but really want to be an ammo tech and please help guys.

    Thank you.
  2. sorry just looked at my old post and i got 77 on my BARB. please help
  3. You need to look at respective manning levels in Comm Spec and AT.

    If Comm Spec is a lower percentage than AT you're almost certainly buggered. If it's the other way round you might just stand a chance.

    Should have stayed a Gunner until you got a definite place on AT role! They would probably have been considerably more helpful than the RLC.
  4. i am attached to the AT world as a driver and recently i know a few drivers with in my work place who are trying to change trades not to AT though and they have been told they cant change trade as no one is recruiting except AT`s and supply specs.

    Your best bet would to keep pestering them and get in touch with an AT unit and find out from them if they are recruiting.

    I was once a comms spec and it was difficult for me to get out of it, but you havent done all your courses yet so it shouldnt be to hard.

    just pester pester until they get fed up of you asking
  5. Have you any of this on paper?

    In the meantime have you done anything to rectify your lack of GCSE Science?

    Speak to the AEC, and see what you can find out.

    Failing that there are various t'interweb based firms who can help.
  6. cheers for the replys guys.

    unfortunately i have nothing on paper.

    i have looked at some online course for a science gcse but all of them are courses ranging from 3-6 months.

    by the sounds of it pestering themis the only way, but i will got to see the RCMO at leconsfield as soon as i get there.

    i have been told that the ammo tech trade is short of applicants, so hopefully i can do it, just hope it itsn't to late.

    if anyone else has any good advice please let me know.

    chhers paddy
  7. And the reason you have not at least started a GCSE Science course, to at least show willing to rectify your faults is......

    Start a course, if nothing else you are showing the RCMO that you are serious about becoming an AT. And if you don't get your retrade you still get your GCSE, that is a qual you now have that you didn't before.

    Win - Win. Or at worst, Lose - Win.

    You need to get someone on side, to put the boot up MCM and find out what the crack is, or at least get another interview with the RCMO and find out why you haven't heard back.

    Did your previous meetings with the RCMO get minuted? I received a formsigned by both myself, the RCMO, and IIRC, my line manager that outlined the conversation, advice given and any results of enqurys to MCM.

    Not sure what RLC procedure is, but I doubt it is different from my own Corps' procedure by much.
  8. the whole AT / ATO world is about to be radically reformed with any capbadge elibgle for the course in time using the AAC as a model
  9. Forget all this "helpful advice" about doing your time...

    Glasgow needs prodding - they are screaming for ATs at the moment..

    Check your PMs...
  10. not an issue with glasgow, the issue is with the training pipeline
  11. someone who knows what hes on about if hes given u advice in his pm take it
  12. you can prod glasgow as much as you like, but if there aren't enough course places you won't get a retrade - simple!
  13. Yes mate, but even if this is true, he (or at least his boss) is due a civil answer from the BW so he knows where he stands..

    No excuse for leaving someone hanging. (even though I imagine Glasgow will have one...)